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Gaga for Green – The Top 9 Green Scarves Online

Our Pick for the softest Green Scarf

This is our pick. What's yours?

Pashmina, chiffon, and silk, oh my! Are you on the hunt for the perfect green scarf?

Green is a beautiful color to bring out your eyes or adds freshness to your wardrobe. It’s a color that can be worn year round and it looks good on almost everyone.

Whether you’re looking for a scarf that is lightweight, warm and cozy, or somewhere in between, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a list of our top picks – which will make you go gaga for green. Check them out…

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Product NameBrandSeasonStylePriceCustomer Score (Out of 5)
Infinity Scarf
Cotton CantinaSpring/Summer/Winter etc.★★★$4.2
Zcargel Porcelain Patterned Chiffon Silk Scarf & Wraparound Shawl
eKingstoreSpring/Summer/Winter etc.★★★★$4.5
Stunning Solid Color Pashmina Scarf

DabungSpring/Summer/Winter etc.★★★★$4
Checkered Arab ‘Shemagh’ Desert Style Scarf

KuldipSpring/Summer/Winter etc.★★★$4.2
Kuldip Factory Seconds Pashmina Scarf
KuldipSpring/Summer/Winter etc.★★★★$4
Generic Unisex Soft Knit Cowl Infinity Scarf
ElaineAccessoriesSpring/Summer/Winter etc.★★★★$3.7
Vintage Style Sheer Chiffon Scarf
Hip Hop 50s ShopSpring/Summer/Winter etc.★★★$4.5
Light Weight Infinity Scarf
ScarflandSpring/Summer/Winter etc.★★★★$4.0
Long Candy Crinkle Scarf
LJL DesignSpring/Summer/Winter etc.★★★$4.5


A Pop of Color

Soft Cantina Mint Green ScarfCotton Cantina Infinity Scarf

★ Great value

LOOKING FOR A pop of color for your outfit?

This infinity scarf provides a dash of color, and makes dressing an outfit up or down super easy!

It’s sold and lightweight, perfect for the transitional weather of Fall and Spring.

If you don’t like heavy scarves around your neck, then this will please. Available in many colors.


Complete Your Look

Zcargel Porcelain Patterned Chiffon Silk Scarf & Wraparound Shawl

Zcargel Porcelain Pattern Scarf Chiffon wrap★ Soft and silky to wear

★ Great for Summer or Spring fashions

ADD TO YOUR patterned accessories with a nice, versatile, patterned scarf. They are a must-have for every girl. The pattern design on this scarf is exquisite which is great for wraparounds and sharp tailored outfits.

The length of the scarf also allows you to style it in different knots and methods.

Compliment or contrast your next outfit with this delicate accessory. They also make a great gift idea for friends, and family. Read the customer reviews here.


Wear it Everywhere

Stunning Solid Color Pashmina Scarf - by Dabung

Dabung Womens Lauren solid color scarf★ Well woven

★ Hand tied braided ends

PASHMINA AND SILK are two highly admired materials, especially when it comes to fashion.

These Dabung women’s scarves come in a material that is mixed with both silk and pashmina, making them soft, rich, comfortable, and of high quality.

These scarves can be paired with any kind of outfit and would be excellent for events such as weddings and formal parties. Carry yourself with style with these exotic, bold scarves that make an outstanding fashion statement.



The Next Big Thing...

Checkered Arab 'Shemagh' Desert Style Scarf

Kuldip Checkered Arab Scarf★ Edges rimmed with hand tied braided fringes

★ Soft and comfortable to wear

★ Exclusively from Kuldip

THE KULDIP CHECKERED Arab scarf, known as a “Shemagh” in Middle Eastern countries is a big fashion trend, and is now getting into the West.

This scarf is also great for all the seasons, since it is lightweight, even on warm days, it works.

Style it around your neck with a tank top, summer dress, long skirt, and wear it to a hangout, lunch, shopping, or work., It is great for a quick fashion fix. Get your own Shemagh now!


The Cheapest Pashmina Scarf Online

Kuldip Factory Seconds Pashmina Scarf

Factory seconds Pashmina Scarf★ Elegant and stylish

★ Winter and Fall fashionable

PASHMINA SCARVES ORIGINATE from the Indian culture, where Pashmina shawls are considered trendy yet cultural. In the West, these scarves or shawls make for a great exotic look. Wrap it loosely around your neck, drape it over your shoulders to complement a dress, or tie it – any style looks great with this elegant looking scarf.

These scarves make for great fall and winter clothing fashions, as they are warm to carry.

These scarves come in extremely cheap prices because they are factory seconds, with minor and unnoticeable defects. For such a great price, this Pashmina Indian style scarf is a must have!


Warm as Toast

Generic Unisex Soft Knit Cowl Infinity Scarf

Generic Unisex Soft Knit Cowl Infinity Scarf Shawl Wrap.★ Extra soft

★ Stands out in a crowd.

WRAP YOURSELF UP in this  super soft fabric, that looks awesome with everything!

Perfect for winter, it will keep your neck warm snug. It's the next best thing to staying in bed!.

It's not too heavy, or too light. So get warm, not weighed down this winter. Available here for a great price.


Vintage Lovers

Hip Hop 50s Shop Vintage Style Sheer Chiffon Scarf

Hip Hop 50s Shop Vintage Style Sheer Chiffon Scarf★ Shiny, colorful and soft to wear for a gorgeous style

★ Long and trendy style

Spice up your look and add a nice touch of freshness with this vintage style Sheer Chiffon Scarf. It's quality materials make it perfect for all year around.

With its gorgeous shade of green, and soft, silky sheer chiffon 100% polyester material, this little gem will be the next addition of your accessory collection. Get your 1950's on, here.


Nothing Fancy

Scarfand's Light Weight Infinity Scarf

Scarfand Olive Green Scarf★ Soft feel

★ Quick delivery

NEED A SCARF to match your dark outfit?

Made of T-shirt material, it’s a light scarf, suited for Spring and Summer wear.

Available in many shades of green, and sequins colors at Amazon.


Add Quick Color

Long Candy Crinkle Scarf

Crinkle Scarf★ Polyester

★ Great value

Need a quick splash of color? This long crinkle scarf is a great way to quickly add some pop while keeping it casual.

It’s long but light so you won’t over heat, and it’s quick to throw on when heading out the café to catch up on the latest.

Overall, this scarf is quick and easy. It’s also available in 2 shades of green, see the other one here.


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