What to Wear with a Yellow Skirt


What To Wear With A

Yellow Skirt

YELLOW! THE COLOR OF SUNSHINE. It’s bright, bold and cheery and offers a sense of warmth and positive energy.

You think to yourself: “This could work…but what even goes with a yellow skirt?” Lucky for you,we’re here to talk to about just that!

Have Fun With Yellow...

Picture this. It’s Friday night and you’ve been waiting five long days for this moment. The workweek is over and it’s time to have some fun.

Maybe you’re going on a date, or out on the town with friends, or perhaps you’re about to catch the latest flick at the theatre. No matter what,you’re hoping to dress to impress.


But of course, you find yourself in the classic conundrum. You’re staring at your closet and you’re at a loss. What do I wear?!

What’s that? That bright and fun color popping out at you? Your yellow skirt, of course!

Here are FIVE FABULOUS options to go with your yellow skirt:

A Snazzy Striped Top


ENCOUNTER Women's Short Sleeve Chiffon Shirt

A navy and white striped top is a great staple in any closet. When I think of a navy and white striped top, I think of nautical adventures and bright, sunny days on the water.

The shirt is easy to pair with many outfit choices and is the perfect companion to a yellow skirt. The yellow will hearken to the sunny days on the water and the top is a timeless choice.

This look easily transitions from the office to happy hour or dinner. It’s classy, effortless and chic.

A Gorgeous Grey Top


SUMTORY Women's Lace Blouse

A grey top is a great way to complement a yellow skirt. The brighter the yellow skirt, the better!

This is a sophisticated look that is wonderful for a fun dinner out with friends. Personally,  love to wear this look to grab margaritas and tacos after a long week at the office!

Keep the top in a solid grey or if you’re searching for a more adventurous and funky look, try a bold pattern with grey as the background and main color.

A Stylish Scarf


SUNNYTREE Womens Fashion Scarf

It’s easy to think scarves are synonymous with cold and winter. But you can actually rock a scarf year round. It’s the perfect trendy way to add some spice to your style!

If you want to ease into wearing a scarf with your yellow skirt, try more muted tones in a solid color. Think deep maroon or navy blue.

If you’re looking to take a walk on the wild side, go crazy and wear a daring, patterned scarf design! This look paired with a yellow skirt and grey or other solid colored top is a wonderful way to add some funk to your look while still keeping it professional for an office setting.

Brightly Colored Top


DUBLIJU Women's Shirring Style Blouse

Ok. I’m thinking MAGENTA here, ladies. Call me crazy, but I think this would be a perfectly fun outfit for a night out with your girlfriends.


A brightly colored top is a bold and cheerful companion to your yellow skirt. Of course, you will be noticed so this look may not be for everyone. I get that.

There are days when I want my outfit to stick out in the crowd and there are days when I want to feel like I blend in a bit more. This is a bold one. But you can totally rock it.

If you’re feeling sassy and confident, I say go for the magenta top with the yellow skirt!

Black Leather Jacket


ETUOJI Women Stylish Leather Jacket

I left the best for last (well, in my opinion at least!). Make a statement in a trendy black leather jacket.

Black and yellow are a strong color combination and are sure to make a statement. Throw your leather jacket on as you leave the office and you instantly have an edgy look for an evening out.

Personally, I love this look and would totally rock it bowling with friends or out for a stroll through town when the weather starts to chill. Mixing strong, more masculine pieces (like a leather jacket) with soft, flowing, feminine pieces (like a yellow skirt) creates a lovely juxtaposition. You end up with a look that is edgy, bold and beautiful.

Which Look Do You Love the Most?

Well, there you have it. Five FABULOUS options of pieces to pair with your yellow skirt. If you are choosing to wear a yellow skirt, we know that you’re someone with a cheerful, bright and beautiful spirit.

Yellow radiates positive energy and so will you when you wear it. There are endless ways to style your yellow skirt and we have just scratched the surface.

Whatever you choose to wear with your yellow skirt, don’t forget to pair it with a smile and confidence. I’m pretty sure you will light up whatever room you walk into!

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