What to Wear with a Blue Shirt


What to Wear with a 

Blue Shirt

EXPERTLY WEAR BLUE with another piece of clothing, understand some color coordination best practices that will make you a suave dresser of blue.

If your version of blue whispers softly to its admirers, rest assured that another pastel color will accentuate it well. But if you’re sporting a bold blue,wearing pristine black or white will continue your power­ punching trend.

Rest Your Eyes On My Aqua Blue Shirt...

Every morning, I slide the glass door of my closet back, exposing an array of mostly black clothing, and wonder how I can make today’s wardrobe any different from yesterday’s. I stretch out my hand and finger three or four different outfits, maybe even releasing them from their hanging prison.

No, not that gray cardigan nor that black skirt. Too drab. They sink to the refusal pile. Finally, not wanting to look as if I’m dressing for a funeral, but then I saw my aqua blue shirt.


With a grin slowly spreading across my face, I hug it to me, admiring its brilliant dash of color amidst my gloomy wardrobe. Wait. My smile fades as I realize something quite important. What should I wear to match this blue shirt?

Color Coordination

Next, you’ll look like a pro at color coordination if you match it with colors on the opposite end of the color wheel. Anyone can match clothes with white or black, but matching color on color takes a deliberate eye to get it right.

For example, I love seeing a dark blue shirt paired with a red tie or necklace. Both colors show power and confidence and, worn together, add just enough spice to make your coworkers grin when you walk by without overdoing it.

Faux Pas of Blue

Although the color blue goes well with many styles and shades, you can’t just pair it with anything and run out the door. Consider a few fashion faux pas of wearing a blue shirt with . .


BILLABONG Peddler Colors Skinny Jeans

DON'T -  Colored Pants

While some people think that adorning themselves with a blue top and a colored bottom is a cheery expression of their personality, please reconsider. I personally don’t like colored pants with any shirt, but colored pants with a blue shirt is even worse.

Colored pants just bring too much attention to your legs and feet when you should really want people to stare into your sparkling eyes. And wearing bright colors on top and bottom can just make people look away instead.


HINDAWI Women Wool Hat

DON'T - Overbearing Color

Another no­ no is wearing too many bright colors. If your admirers are squinting when they look at the rainbow you paired with your blue shirt, then you should probably run right back to your closet. Adding another power color to your blue shirt looks amazing, but consider adding a sprinkle of red or orange instead of a monsoon. A scarf, hat, or tie will do the trick.


SAM EDELMAN Women's Sandal

DON'T -  Another Blue

Don’t get me wrong on this one. You can wear two blues together, but be cautious when you do.

Wearing too much of the exact same shade can look matchy or get lost in each other, and wearing too much blue without a good neutral to round out your outfit can look spotty and loud.

When in doubt, it’s best to go with a different color that you know pairs well with blue.

Wearing Blue

I know what you’re thinking. But what should I wear with my blue shirt? Great question. A blue not too close to navy will add zest to gray or black.

You don’t have to cast out that black skirt after all! Just add a little zing of blue, and you’re ready for an evening downtown.


For the more casual shopping trip, throw on a brown coat or khaki shorts, and head out the door. My personal favorite is a deep blue shirt with crisp white pants and a red necklace or a pale blue button ­up and some blue jeans. And please don’t be afraid of a little pink with your blue shirt. I like to add my favorite chunky bracelet with my teal blouse every now and then.

In Summary...

The great thing about the color blue is that it’s ambidextrous. It can easily shake hands with your boss in the morning, romp around at the beach with your kids in the afternoon, and smile at your evening date all in the same day.

There’s also a reason that many people use navy as their professional choice. They can trust it to impress, and it doesn’t scream high and mighty either.

The next time the weather is a little depressing or you find yourself bored with the colors in your closet, go for an energetic blue. You might just make someone smile.



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