What Shoes Should I Wear With A Black And White Skirt



What Shoes Should I Wear With

A Black And White Skirt?

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BLACK AND WHITE skirts have always been in style, they evolve from one style to the next throughout time, they are a classic piece for every woman’s wardrobe.But then comes the age-old question, what shoes do you wear with a black and white skirt?

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Make Your Skirt Pop!

The options seem endless. That’s why we have put together our list of Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to picking a pair of show-stopping shoes that will go best with your skirt.

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Do: Introduce Color

Introducing color is an important piece of fashion advice for any outfit, but when you’re wearing a black and white skirt, its especially important. Black and white skirt’s come in all sorts of styles. The contrast between the black and white is done to bring emphasis to a certain pattern on the skirt. Maybe the hem is a different color to the skirt? Maybe its black and white stripes? The possibilities are endless, but getting the color right is all-important.

If the skirt is mostly black, with white trimmings, then introduce color by picking shoes with vibrant but deep tones, for example purple, maroon or royal blues. This brings a fun edge to the outfit.


If the skirt is mostly white, then introduce color by picking shoes with light or pastel tones. This is a good way of keeping the outfit looking classy and clean, but also fun.

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Do: Be Brave

When picking your color, don’t be afraid to be brave. If you’re introducing color into an outfit, then you’re doing just that, adding a bit of color, spice and flare to highlight and complement the rest of your outfit. Don’t pick a color that is so dark that it might as well be black, or so light that it might as well be white, if you do this, then you’re just washing out your outfit and it will actually look worse than not introducing color at all.

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Do: Match Styles 

By this we mean, if you’re wearing a long skirt that has a boho-chic twist, then pick shoes that also fit this theme, there’s nothing that can ruin an outfit more than picking shoes that belong to an entirely different ensemble. Ankle boots work well with skater skirts, and knee-high boots look great with maxi-skirts.

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Do: Be aware of what else is on show

This is very important, you can get away with most shoe styles if you are conscious of what parts of your body are on show, and how to compensate for that. For example, if your black and white skirt is short, and you’re wearing a low cut top, then you’re going to want to cover your legs with stockings or tights, which will then effect which shoes you are going to wear. You don’t want to wear shoes that are meant to show your toes if they are covered, style disaster!

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Don’t’: Wear Black And White Shoes 

Too much of one pattern is overkill and will completely overwhelm your outfit. A black and white skirt can be an excellent statement piece for any outfit, but when coupled with black and white shoes, suddenly it looks like you’re trying too hard and you don’t quite know what you’re doing, which is a look no one can pull off.

Depending on which top you are wearing with the skirt, you could opt for black OR white shoes, so long as you are either introducing color in your top, or your accessories.

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