What Goes with Purple Shirt


What Goes With A

Purple Shirt

WHAT GOES BEST with a purple top? There are many wonderful ways to pair your purple top with additional pieces to create compelling outfits.

Purple is an intriguing and striking color that can elevate your look to bold, classy and refined.

Create a Bold Look with Purple Shirt...

Ahh, the color purple! Within this color there are countless beautiful shades and tones that can be worn and paired with many pieces in your wardrobe to create a strong and bold look.


From deep fig, to a medium shaded amethyst to the lightest lilac. Personally, purple feels very rich and demure to me. I feel luxurious and refined when I wear it.


This is one thing I love about shaking up your everyday wardrobe with color. Color and fashion have the ability to transform your look and your confidence level in amazing ways!

So, with that being said, let’s take a look at some of the ways we can wear a purple shirt to create an awesome outfit!

Try a Grey Skirt or Pants for a Classic Look


LE3NO Fitted High Waisted Skirt with Faux Leather Belt

You can’t go wrong with grey pants or skirts paired with a purple top. It’s fun to experiment with different shades of each color.

Try a lighter shade of grey and pair it with a deeper purple shirt. Or vice versa!

Go with a lavender share of purple and rock a darker grey skirt or pant. I love this look for a day at the office or in meetings. It’s refined and represents strength and serenity.

Shake it Up with Some Black Leather


HYBRID & COMPANY Comfy Stretch Denim

I’ll be honest, I do have a thing for black leather. This option totally adds some funk, fun and feistiness to your look.

A black leather pants is a timelessly edgy option and pairs perfectly with BOTH deep purples and lighter shades. BONUS: black has a slimming effect on your body so rocking black leather pants can make you look and feel more svelte.

If leather feels too bold, you can always go for a black denim skinny pant instead. You will get the same effect with the courageous color combination of black and purple but you also might feel a bit more comfortable! You can’t lose either way, if you ask me!

Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!


BANUCE Vintage Leather Bag

Another great way to elevate your purple shirt is to add some accessories. Try a work bag or purse in a rustic brown color. This would pair perfectly with a deeper plum or a grape shade of purple.

Ladies, throw on a funky necklace. Wear gold with a deeper purple or silver or white with a light purple.

Gentlemen, rock a trendy watch and see how your outfit is elevated. Personally, I love the look of a white, modern watch paired with a purple shirt.

Accessories are such an awesome way to turn a lackluster look into something more exciting and daring. So go for it!


Keep it Bright with White on the Bottom


HDE Women's Denim Shorts

Paired with a white pant or short, purple can really make a strong statement. The bright white allows the purple to shine, no matter if you choose a dark or light shade.

Have some fun with the look and add an accessory like a necklace or better yet, throw on a funky scarf.

Some parting words…

So my friends, I hope you’ve learned why I love purple and why I think it could be a great wardrobe choice for you too. The fantastic thing about color is there are so many shades, tones and hues that you’re bound to find the one that’s perfect for you.

If you’re ready to try something new, I hope you’ll give purple a chance. Not only can you wear it in a very classic and professional fashion, you can also rock an edgy and trendy look in your awesome purple shirt. Get ready to make a statement in purple!

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