What Goes with a Red Shirt


What Goes With a

Red Shirt

DRESSING RED LIKE a diva is no easy task. But it can actually turn into a smash hit if you just learn how to work with the color.

Here is a list of do’s - and a couple of distinct don’ts - to help you make maximum impact with your red shirt, be it at an office party, a school reunion or that all important date.

Look Great in Red...

You know those times when you're sidling down a busy city street and you see some diva looking great in red and she is strutting with it? “Yeah!” you think to yourself as you ogle, “I got to try myself some of that look.” And who can blame you? Red's got passion, rage, panache... all that good stuff.

But then you pick out a red shirt from your wardrobe or sling one on in a fitting room and... you either look end up looking like a bit part in a slasher movie, or a chrysanthemum – and unless you're over 80, that's not much better.


DO: Red and Black


This color combination is truly universal; you can’t go wrong with it.

Looking for something official, yet festive? Tuck your shirt into a black pencil skirt or throw on a pair of 7/8 black pants and a blazer.

Want to try something a little more risqué? Add a leather jacket and a pair of black jeans. Try out ripped ones if you’re feeling particularly 'raa'.

DO: Red and Blue Denim


EASTDAMO Off Shoulder Women's Blouse

Perfect for slightly more dressed-down events, red and blue denim are a combo with a beautiful balance between two equally rich colors.

Any type of jeans will look great: grab some light-toned ones for the summer or a darker, navy shade for colder weather. A denim skirt will also do the trick, and you can even try denim overalls to create a more adventurous look.

DO: Red and Purple


LOCK & LOVE Long Sleeve Cardigan

This one is slightly more exotic, but no less chic. Add a deep-purple cardigan over your bright tomato-red shirt and top it off with black pants. Feel free to experiment with purple bottoms too: a light lavender or violet pencil skirt can look killer with a blood-red shirt.

DO: Red and Gray

A little more low-key than red and black, red and gray can be used to create a harmonious and comfortable look. Tuck your shirt into a pair of dark-grey jeans or a more formal pencil skirt.

A woolen gray jumper or shawl is another great match for a red shirt. Just add some blue or black denim for your legs to complete the ensemble.

DO: Red and Plaid


LUNA FLOWER Roll Up Plaid Shirt

Thinking plain red shirts are too boring? Play around with patterns: try the staple red and black plaid shirt.

Roll up your sleeves and leave it unbuttoned over a T-shirt. Black and white are the more conservative color choices for the tee underneath, but you can even choose something with a print – just stay away from neons and other ultra-bright shades to avoid garishness. As for your legs, blue or black jeans are, again, a great match, but you can also try skirts and even dresses.

You can also experiment with colors – there are different variations of plaid, from red and cerulean to red and dark-evergreen combinations.

DO: Red and White


ROMWE Women's Batwing Blouse

Another classic color combination, a red shirt and white skirt, pants, shorts - even jeans - can create a smart and effortlessly clean look. If you want to incorporate white in the shirt print itself, try polka-dots to achieve a fun and authentic outfit. Pair it with black, blue or white denim and you’re ready to go.


DON'T: Red and Bright Green


Avoid looking like a Christmas reference the whole year round.

Vibrant shades of both colors will clash horribly and make a tacky Christmas reference out of you even in July. But fear not, there are still ways to pull this off without looking like an all-year-round elf.

Instead of 2 equally bright shades, try a lighter and more muted green (pastel mint, for example, works wonders) but make red your main-focus color.

Either that, or try breaking up 2 intense colors with a pattern as an alternative. Those plaid shirts may come in handy when pairing red with green.

DON'T: Red and Bright Pink 


Don't combine two bright colors in one outfit.

This one does overtime on the top-10 list of fashion “no goes,” this and the red-green combo above.

Advice is fairly similar: don’t combine 2 very bright hues in the same outfit. A soft, light pink skirt or pants, paired with a deep-red shirt, can make your outfit original and stylish.

When the weather is colder, try a pale-pink blazer over your shirt, add some jeans, and voila! You’ve created an elegant and balanced look in an instant.

And one Final DO: Mix and Match!

Most of the colors that go well with red go well together, so step up and create more elaborate looks, such as a denim jacket with a red shirt and purple skirt combination, or a plaid red shirt with dark gray jeans and a black biker’s jacket. 

If it’s cold outside, layer up! Add a sweater or cardigan in one of the complimentary colors as well as jeans or your favorite black pencil skirt.

So there it is: the do’s and don’ts guide of wearing red. The last thing you need to remember to turn heads like that red-wearing diva in the street is KNOW you look good. How do you know that? Because you do.

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