What Colors Should I Wear With Red Shoes



What Colors Should I Wear With

Red Shoes

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RED IS THE color of action, passion, strength, survival, excitement and energy. And when worn confidently, it definitely stands out from the crowd.

Red shoes are no exception. Shades range from burgundy to oxblood and although they make a statement, they can be one of the most versatile shoe colors.

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Show Your Personality

Celebrities can be seen wearing red and even the pope loves wearing Red Leather Shoes. Why? Because the color lets anybody show a bolder and unique personality. In fact, back in the Etruscan Rome, five-hundred years ago before Christ was born, wearing red colored shoes is only possible for an aristocrat.

Throughout history, red has paved its way to being the color to wear when you want to stand out from the crowd. But standing out can be a two edged sword. Styling, mixing and matching your attire with red shoes can be challenging. You don't want to stand out for the wrong reasons...


So what color of shirt and pants would go best for you if you wear them? To help we've put together this little cheat sheet in discovering the style for red shoes.


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 DO: Wear Navy Blue Pants Paired with White 

When you pair red leather shoes with navy blue pants and light shades of white top, you will be able to express a more playful social feel while looking formal. You can also use white pants and a navy blue shirt. Blue makes a very good contrast with red.



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DO: Wear Light Grey Pants with Patterned Shirt

Red shoes also are best partnered with medium to light grey pants and coats. When partnered with business attires, the red shoes can add a more casual and social feel to your look. With the shirt, you can experiment with polo’s with a bit of touch of patterns.

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DO: Wear Brown Pants matched with Plain Khaki

Shirt when red leather shoes for men are paired with brown pants, it stands out because of the color boldness – this is where you can send an interesting and individual style. You can choose to wear it with brown chinos, trousers and jeans, whichever is most comfortable. You can easily pair it with plain khaki or white shirt. You do have to stand up with a great deal of confidence to pull off your look.

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DO: Wear Charcoal Grey Pants with Patterned/Dark Colored Shirt

Charcoal grey pants are most compatible with red and black shoes only. They do not look good on brown shoes so be sure to avoid combining the two. A deep burgundy colored leather shoes paired with charcoal grey pants can share an elegant and relaxed look. For the shirt, you can match your look with a patterned or dark maroon top.

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DO: Wear Dresses with Neutral Solid Colors

For ladies, do not be afraid to combine shoes with black or white colored dresses. Red shoes make a good match with them, in fact, they can even be paired with other neutral solid colors like gray, tan and navy.

If what you have is a patterned and printed dress, do not worry because you can still partner your red shoes with them as long as the print palette on the dress is neutral. You can wear them with leopard prints, floral dresses, stripes or polka dot dresses. The only color you should avoid for your red shoes are pink, coral and other red family hues since they can stand up against your ruby shoes.

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DON’T: Wear Black Pants

Opposing the general idea that black can be partnered well with all colors, when it comes to red shoes, black should be avoided. Black is not too flexible. Just partner your black pants with black shoes.

Deciding what color to match bold colors can be hard but when you do it usually and when you read a guide, you will get used to it and eventually will make your styling easier. Now, you are ready to flaunt your individual statement.

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Red shoes can be perfectly paired with all shades of grey, navy hues and brown.