What Goes With Maroon Pants



What Goes With
 Maroon Pants


ARE YOU SUFFERING from pant-monotony? Are plain old black pants and jeans leaving you wanting more? Do you crave color?

If so, it’s time to pull on a pair of fun, fresh maroon pants!

So Lets Talk Color

Maroon, You Say?

Yes! Maroon is a wonderfully versatile color. Taking on a deep brownish-red, maroon is a color that is perfect for the spring, summer, fall, or winter. You can pair maroon pants with many of the neutrals that you already own for a simple, clean, and inspired look. Or you can opt for a patterned shirt or accessory that picks up on the tone to kick it up a notch and achieve a fashion-forward impact.

Maroon can seem complicated at first. But once you get the hang of it, it’s quite a breeze! Here is a list of the tops do’s and don’ts to seamlessly add maroon pants to your wardrobe.


DO: Pair maroon pants with neutrals

Maroon looks fabulous when paired with neutral tones. For spring, choose a crisp white shirt for a fresh and fun look. In the fall, warm things up by pairing maroon with beige, grey, or black. A pair of maroon pants looks great with a striped shirt and a neutral scarf. Or, pull on a pair of black or tan boots on overtop to showcase your gorgeous pants. When you’re wearing maroon pants, they are a showstopper – meaning your outfit will be interesting and inspired, even when paired with neutral colours.


(Note: The only neutral tone that maroon doesn’t always pair well with is brown. More on that later!)


DO: Go Skinny

The key to maroon pants is: skinny! Maroon pants look best when they are designed with a slender, form-fitted leg. And if you’re not a fan of skinny jeans, maroon tights and leggings can be a fun option.

Whatever you choose, don’t go the loose route. For a fashion-forward, modern look, find yourself a tight pair of maroon skinny jeans.

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DO: Pair Those Beauties with Florals

There is nothing more fun for spring than a pair of maroon skinny jeans and a colour-matched floral shirt. Embrace the colours, flowers, and sunshine of spring by reflecting it in your wardrobe. Choose a shirt made from a light and bouncy material with a pretty floral print to play up your fun side. If pairing maroon with a floral patterned shirt is too much kick for you, try instead a floral scarf with a solid-toned shirt and your maroon pants.

What goes with Maroon Pants? Nude Pumps

These Madden Girl Getta Nude Pumps keep the look sexy

DO: Break Out Your Heels

Ladies, it’s time to break out those pumps! Skinny jeans and heels are a winning combination, and it’s no different for maroon pants. Matching a gorgeous pair of maroon skinny jeans with a sexy pair of nude pumps is sure to make heads turn. Embrace the fun side of maroon and step it up a notch!

DO: Sport a Beautiful Handbag

Match your color-infused maroon pants with a cute handbag for a killer combination. Go for an oversized handbag or a pretty-patterned clutch in a neutral tone or a pattern that has coordinating undertones.

Don’t: Pair Maroon with Purple

Maroon and purple is a big no-no. Because they appear close to each other on the color wheel, they present a recipe for disaster! Unless you’re a skilled at color matching and can find a way to make maroon and purple work, play it safe and avoid it all together.

Maroon Purple Brown

Maroon, Purple & Brown - Colors to avoid matching

Don’t: Wear Brown with Maroon

Similarly, maroon and brown can make your eyes hurt. This is especially true for richer, deeper, dark browns. Stick to pairing maroon with the other neutrals (like white, beige, grey and black), and leave brown out of it.

Maroon pants may seem intimidating or different at first, but when you pair them with the right items, in the right colors, they make for a beautiful and fashion-forward winning combo.

Have fun!