What Color Shoes To Wear With A Black Dress



What Color Shoes To Wear With A  

Black Dress

When It Comes To Fashion...

Women can be more experimental than men. A women’s wardrobe is well supplied with different style of dresses and a gamut of matching jewelry, shoes and other paraphernalia.



You are not alone if you are splitting hairs on what to wear with what!


Look Chic With Your

Black Dress


Now, you have after much pondering decided to wear a black miniskirt or a slit A-liner and you are confused about what type and color of shoes to wear. We give you some suggestions that you can fall back if your fashion muse is yet to wake up.

1st Do


Black With Black - The Obvious Choice

The black stilettos go perfectly with slits and miniskirts and variants thereof. Open-toe heels, pointed-toe flats and ankle straps go well with mini wrap and sheathed dress. The knee high boots is more suited to knee high or slit sheath and draped dresses.


2nd Do


Seductive In Red

Red heels are a popular choice when it comes to pairing with black mini dresses. Stilettos and strap-ons in red are especially seductive with laced black mini dresses.

For women concerned about their height, red platforms, wedges and high heeled shoes would boost the oomph factor. Mini halter dresses with wedges or platforms do get along pretty well. Shades of red like crimson, scarlet and cherry red are equally good with black.

If you want to shift from the seductive to the funky then pink is your choice.

3rd Do


Classic Silver And Gold

Silver is more suited to black than gold. Silver with black is more elegant and sophisticated whereas the gold gives a rich spoilt look. If you are going for the long slits then silver Stilettos would be an excellent choice. Silver also turns out great in pointed flats.

4th Do

White Is A Big No

White is hard to pull off, although it is not a sin to wear. If you are into pearl accessories to go with your black dress, then select pearl white shade for your shoes or an off white. Pure white is an extreme contrast and that actually diminishes the black prominence. Beige, brown and tan are way off character for black dresses.

Most women love black dress due to the expressive bold and sexy look. So the shoes should complement that character and not distract with another expression.

No matter whether you are bitten by the fashion bug or not, Red, Black, Silver and Gold shades are the essentials to go with your black dress. Be cautious with white and stay away from brown and tan colors.