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What Color Shirt Goes With

Navy Blue Pants

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WHAT COLOR IS really ‘the new black’, you ask? Well, year after year, navy continues to be a shining star when it comes to an alternative to black. Navy is a versatile colour that isn’t quite as dark as black – and is a whole lot more interesting.

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Must Have, Navy Blue Pants!

Navy pants are a wonderful wardrobe staple. They can be worn in more casual settings, as a cotton or blended-fibre pant. Or, they can be worn in professional settings, as a more tailored and structured style.

Navy pants can even be glammed up with the right shirt, shoes, and accessories. Taking you from day to night, navy is versatile, interesting, and fashion-forward.

A note for the guys: Navy is a great color option for your next pair of chinos or suit. Navy is a masculine color that can easily take you from casual to business to night.


Navy pants come to life when worn with the right shirt. Here is a list of top do’s and don’ts when it comes to choosing a color to go with navy:

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 DO: Kick it up with coral and hot pink 


Ladies, don’t be afraid to get fun and flirty by pairing your navy pants with a punch of pink. Corals, reds, and hot pinks look fab with navy pants.

This color combination can be worn to the office and then out for dinner and drinks. It looks great all year round, and can be brought to life even that much more with the right punchy accessories.

Think: purse, scarf, or shoes that pick up on the color-saturated tones.

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DO: Pair navy with yellow for a little sunshine

Yellow and navy is a color combination that is guaranteed to turn heads. Adding a sunny yellow shirt to your navy pants is fashion-forward and will add a little pick-me-up to your day. Choose a chunky necklace to complete the look.

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DO: Go nautical

Navy lends itself naturally to a nautical look. To play up this fashion trend, choose a white shirt – especially one with stripes – and add a pop of red or gold.

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DO: Choose powder blue

Another color that looks great with navy pants is powder blue. Since these colors appear close (but not too close) on the colour wheel, they bring a sense of harmony and balance to your outfit. Powder blue softens the look of navy, and it the combination looks wonderful when augmented by white. Throw on some pearls to complete the look.

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Don’t: Pair navy with black-shaded hues

Navy pants do not fare well when paired with a black-shaded hue, such as dark purple, hunter green, or dark blue. Rather than compliment it, these colors tend to look washed-out next to navy’s richness. This is a color palette that you should leave at home.

Colors to avoid matching

Colors to avoid matching

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Don’t: Choose a black shirt

Finally, while navy is a great alternative to black, it doesn’t look that great when paired with black. There’s nothing ‘wrong’ about pairing navy with black, there’s just not a whole lot right. Navy pants and a black shirt is a sombre look, and sometimes the eye can get confused and distracted with trying to distinguish the colors. With all the other great color combinations available for navy, give black a miss.

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Whether you’re looking to add navy blue pants to your wardrobe, or you’re looking for tips on how to wear the navy pants you own, following this list of do’s and don’ts will have you well on your way to being noticed!