What Color Shirt Goes Well With White Pants For Men



What Color Shirt Goes Well With

White Pants For Men

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WHITE PANTS ARE becoming more and more popular for men; white pants are a great way to introduce a clean, fresh and smart look for any occasion.

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Why White Pants?

White is a brave color that carries some status, after all keeping white pants white is somewhat of a luxury. White can dirty easily so white pants always have a new look about them...

But what about the shirt? What color shirt is the best to wear with white pants? Luckily, you have us to help you with this decision, so let’s get down to it!

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DO: Wear Pastel Shirts 

Pastel colors look great with white pants, a pastel blue or a pastel pink are the most common color choices, but you can always branch out to a pastel lilac or green if you’re feeling brave. Pastel colors soften the starkness of the white color, giving it a more welcoming appeal. Matching a pastel shirt with your white pants is a great idea in summer time, it offers a summery flare that is easy to create without dressing down or adding accessories.


People wrongly have this impression that pastels aren’t manly, but that simply isn’t true, they create a clean and professional look that’s subtle and simple at the same time.

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DO: Contrast Your Colors

If you’re brave enough to wear white pants, then you’re brave enough to contrast your colours. This works especially well in winter, or for more formal, business type meetings. You can contrast your white pants with a black shirt, or with a colourful shirt that includes a block, vibrant color like royal blue, maroon, or deep purple. This will give you a very smart and crisp look that will be sure to attract all the right attention.

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DO: Wear Patterns

Patterned shirts are a good way to add a bit of extra personality to your outfit when wearing white pants, but you have to be careful which patterns your pick. Paisley blue shirts are very in right now and would make a great choice, same with paisley purple.

Stripes are not a good idea, unless they are horizontal stripes and don’t have much contrast. For example stripes that are 2 shades of the same color would work, but black and white stripes definitely wouldn’t.

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Don’t: Wear White

This is an important one, do not, whatever you do, wear a white shirt with white pants. There are a couple of fashions home truths as to why this doesn’t work. Firstly white on white just has this effect of washing you out in a way that no funky shoes or brightly colored accessory can help you recover from, it will even make your all-important tan look paler. Secondly, it has a certain uniform feel to it, several medial outfits are all white. And thirdly, it looks unimaginative and like you’ve just thrown your outfit together, not really considering what goes with what.

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So there you go! Now you’re all set to pick the perfect shirt to go with your white pants, so don’t waste any more time, get your white pants out of the wardrobe or through the shop till and start to wow your friends and family with your stylish white pants and popping shirt.