What Color Goes With Red Hair



What Color Goes With

Red Hair

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THERE IS NO color as energetic as Red.

When you flaunt that on your hair, then you are making a bold statement of passion, seduction and rage. But what goes with the color red is what decides the degree.

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Flaunt It With Your

Red Hair

The red being bright, it is better to avoid pale color dresses. Mixing cool tone colors with warm colors brings balance. Never mix warm colors with warm and cool colors with cool.

If you have to use a warm color with red then it should be submissive to a cooler tone. When you are selecting a cool color to go with red, select an analogous one like purple.

So Lets Talk Color...

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Do: White

Pure white has the ability to lend a purity and freshness. When you combine that with red, you get an attraction of peaceful fresh activity. White overcoats or gowns would accentuate your hair and with a wonderful hairdo you could easily standout from the rest. This color has been known to be worn in high profile events with red hair as overcoats and pants.


Avoid: Wearing white to weddings

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Do: Black 

If you have a party, wearing black, ups your sensuality. A combination of black and red interlaced dress definitely gives you that witchy seductress look.

Sheath, princess or draped, you don’t have to worry about selecting the kind of dress with pure black as it goes easily with any shade.

Avoid: Black at weddings

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DO: Green

Green is a must have for all redheads and gingers. Emerald is my choice for bright red hairs and olive is for gingers.

Empire or wrap dress in emerald or olive will be a suitable choice. For the light skinned tender green, teal and sea green would be a nice experiment.

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Go Purple

Give a touch of royal regalia with purple as purple compliments red in an electric way. Sheath and draped dresses looks stunning in purple.

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Do: Blue

I would suggest cobalt blue and navy for weddings. A liners and full skirts would be great in navy blue.

Avoid: Pale blue

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Do: Red

Red dress for bright red hair is hard on the eyes but if your hair is auburn with pale skin it is a terrific try. Brick red and maroon is much better choice of shade for red than crimson and brilliant red.

Avoid: Brilliant red

Conclusion (Call to Action)

When mixing colors, never go beyond the limit of three as more than that is difficult to match and also will disperse the attention each color individually would have got. Now go ahead and experiment with what goes well for you with the color red.