What Color Goes With Olive Green



What Color Goes With

Olive Green

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AN UNDERRATED COLOR, olive green can be quite intimidating.

It's easy to be put off mixing and matching it with other wardrobe staples due to its dark undertones but when worn correctly with the right complementing colors, olive green can really make an outfit pop.

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Stand Out with Olive Green

Although olive green can seem intimidating, it can also take an ordinary outfit and make it turn heads on the street. Even to the point where people come up to you and compliment your look!

It can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion and can be bold or classic, making it a great color option for any piece of clothing.


So Lets Talk Color...

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DO: Opposite Colors

On the color wheel, olive green and medium purple are opposites, which is also considered complementary colors, which means they look great when paired together.


If you mix an olive green pair of pants with a medium purple top, you’ll automatically notice that each color appears brighter, making your outfit stand out.

Even adding medium purple accessories to the mix will take your olive green piece of clothing to new heights, so if you find a great tee in medium purple, it’s time to start looking for an olive green bottom to match!

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DO: Brown

Another color that pairs well with olive green is brown and this can also include tan, light brown, dark brown and any other shade of brown you can find.

When paired with olive green, you’ll notice that your outfit has a safari or military color scheme to it since these two colors are used in both scenarios quite often. It also gives off a very earthy feel since they’re both warm colors that really make a statement.

This is probably why many usually buy olive green khakis and pair them with a brown or tan top. Women can also benefit from this color combo by wearing brown or tan accessories with their olive green outfit like jewelry or even a great pair of heels or flats.

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DO: Neutral Colors

If you want to keep it simple and don’t want to think about what goes well with olive green, just opt for neutral colors and you’ll look great! These neutral colors include black, white and grey and typically go best with any color combination.

For a clean look, pair your olive green piece of clothing with white, while adding black will transform it into a sophisticated outfit that’ll take you from day to night in the blink of an eye.

Grey is a color that complements a vast array of colors, including olive green. So when in doubt opt for something grey to offset your olive green top or bottom.

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DO: Be Bold

If you feel like being bold, try adding red or blue to the mix and you’ll notice how vibrant your outfit will look. Red is a powerful color that garners attention wherever you go, while blue is still eye-catching but a bit more relaxed than red.

Mix Red & Blue with Olive Green

Mix Red and Blue with Olive Green for a vibrant look.

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So there's no need to keep that olive green outfit in your wardrobe. These tips on what color goes with olive green and how to style it with other colors will make you look like a million bucks.