What Color Goes Good With Purple?



What Color Goes Good With

THE COLOR PURPLE is steeped into mythology, history and legend. It represents royalty, charisma, power and mystery, and at times has been used to send a message of high status, wealth and importance to the masses.

So Lets Talk Color

Why is Purple Such a Provocative Color?

Julius Caesar was particularly partial to purple. After visiting Cleopatra with her purple sails and sofas, he came home with a purple toga, which he decreed only he could wear. Many years later, when Henry Howard, the Earl of Surrey, was tried for high treason against Henry VIII, part of the evidence against him was that he had been seen wearing purple: which only the king could wear.

Today, the stigma around purple has calmed down, but purple is still regarded as a bit of an “ooh” color. Perhaps because of its heritage, it has never been a mainstream choice, but then also because of this, it’s never lost its panache either.


Celebrities in Purple

Over the past 15 years, politicians and celebrities have started to appropriate purple – Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Michelle Obama, Queen Elizabeth, Rajkumari Amrit Kaur, Hilary Clinton, Miley Cyrus, Megan Fox and many other celebrities.


It is often said ‘first impression is the last impression’, so if you want to leave an everlasting impression on someone whether it is your new potential employer, a wealthy customer, a first love, a first date, his mother, or just create a general impression of high status, purple is the color for you as it reflects mystery, elegance, wealth, and authority, highlighting your presence everywhere you go.


The Color Wheel

Color WheelOn a color wheel, colors adjacent or next to each other are called analogous. If we think of color as a family bloodline, the closer we are to the “parent” color, the easier the match.

Purple sits between blue and red.

When we add a small bit of red (going clockwise on the color wheel) to blue, the result is blue violet or violet (different shades of purple) which are the offspring colors of blue and red.

What color goes good with Purple? - Blue

Scoop neck purple top and Jeans

DO: Blue with Purple and Red with Purple

Now if you wanted a quick match with the color purple it would be blue because they are colors of the same color bloodline, that is, the blue bloodline which is dominant in both colors.

For example, a cool purple pair of pants will match any variation of a cool blue or red top.

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DO: Purple On It’s Own

Purple usually looks best when it’s all alone and that loneliness creates the exact opposite effect, which is of a deep, creative and authoritative woman. When purple is combined with other colors it can still do its magic in making you look out of this world.

DO: Pink and Purple

For example take purple and pink, where purple represents royalty while pink compliments it with you being feminine making you feel like a Queen which you may wear to a formal party or wedding.

Aqua and Purple

What color goes good with Purple? AquaDO: Aqua and Purple

You can also make a combination of purple and aqua which may make you feel authoritative, sexy yet friendly, which you may wear at work or at home.

Mixed with white gives it a more casual tone

Aqua and purple is also a popular combination for swimwear and beachwear.

DO: Orange and Purple

Or you may make a combination of purple and orange which may make you feel happy, successful and wealthy, which you may wear on a trip or a date. You can make many combinations with the color purple depending on what you want to feel or are feeling and convey that message to the world in fun, positive and entertaining way.

DO: Purple and Black

A classic combination when you want to tone down the purple in your outfit, instead of making it stand out.

What Color Goes Best With PURPLE?

To sum it all up, what color goes good with purple? Well it all depends on the impression you want to make, or what mood you are in.

But the recommended combinations are:

  • Blue and Purple to give a look of royalty and loyalty, maybe worn when you go out shopping
  • Red and Purple for a sexy, passionate and luxurious look, maybe worn at a date
  • Pink and Purple for a feminine sexy look, maybe worn at a party
  • Aqua and Purple for a friendly look, maybe worn at a friend’s night out
  • Orange and Purple for a successful look, maybe worn at work
  • Purple is an authoritarian, magical and royal color itself, and can be worn anywhere and anytime
  • Purple and Black for a classic combination that tones down the color purple in your outfit

So there you have it. Although purple may seem intimidating or different at first, pair it with the right colors, or even on its own, it make for a beautiful and strong outfit.

Have fun!