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ONE OF THIS year's biggest trends and a year round wardrobe staple color, gold clothing and accessories are absolutely glamorous but may seem intimidating to wear.

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There are such a variety of shades, styles, and choices available; so how does one know what color goes good with gold? Today, we've got a bit of advice to help you in your search of finding the best companion color for gold.

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DO: Necessary Neutrals

The easiest way to balance out your gold wardrobe choices is to create a base of neutral colors. A chic and trendy way to do this is to pair a gold dress with a black moto jacket and a chunky black heel, a perfect nighttime look.

If you're looking for something a bit more suited for the daytime hours, try wearing this luxurious shade as a compliment to your neutral ensembles. A fabulous black jumper would look chic with a gold belt, flats, and other glittering accessories.


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DO: Military Colors

Feeling bold enough to combine trends? Military style clothing is definitely trending this year, so why not pair army green with luscious gold for an ultra stylish combination? Greens, khakis, black, browns, dark blues – the colors of the army – are all IN, with golden bling attached, with expensive fabrics, with ostentatious accessories, or dainty ones layered in tiny straps of gold.

For a more formal mood, try pairing gold and emerald shades for a regal palette. Feeling even more glamorous? Add fabulous fur detailing to any aspect of your outfit for an instantly powerful, edgy, and urban look.

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DO: Mix It Up

Want to wear gold from head to toe? Break up this metallic look by donning different shades and textures of the same color. Even if you're not a fan of the traditional tones of gold, there are lots of ways you can experiment. For example, keep it light by choosing a pretty, frosty champagne or go more bronze if you prefer to wear darker colors.

Alternatively, you can mix it up by wearing gold statement pieces in up expected ways. A bold bib necklace or an over sized golden clutch are sure to grab some attention.

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DO: Use Royal Colors

Red and gold have been two of a kind since the ancient times in Asia as a symbol of wealth and power. Crimson stands out strikingly along side gold as a great contrasting style. Evoking a festive feeling, this  shade is best worn during the holiday season or during winter.

Like wise a deep purple and gold combination is another majestic palette that cools down the otherwise warm look. It's an easy yet bold mix of color that always gets the most compliments.

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DO: Use Modern Colors

Combine the gold trend with chevron and you've got an extremely modern style that elevates this classic color. Try pairing gold with a pastel pink or salmon shade for a flirty and preppy style. This fun shade is far away enough for neutral that you don't need to feel afraid to layer it up!

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What Color Goes Good With Gold- Turquoise

Light Turquoise, and Turquoise

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DO: Turquoise and Gold

Another seasonal trend, turquoise is taking spring and summer by storm! A color combination of this sweet shade can look trendy yet classic. Nearly any shade of this blue-green color pairs flawlessly with gold. Perfect for the warming weather, a turquoise and gold will radically revamp your summer style while keeping the appearance of an effortless and chic wardrobe.

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Thanks for reading, we hope these what color goes good with gold suggestions really bring out the gold in your outfit.