What Clothing And Fashion Items For Women Should Never Go Out Of Style



What Clothing And Fashion Items For Women Should Never Go Out Of Style

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''FASHION FADES, STYLE is eternal.” – Yves Saint Lauren

Fashion is fickle; every season, a new trend comes out while others go out of style waiting for their turn to be a hit again, which probably can take decades.

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Keep those staple pieces in your closet...

Let’s face it, not everyone has the luxury of time to always check what the new trends are and update the wardrobe time and again.

Some are busy juggling and balancing between love life, family, career, social life and many more. While some just do not want to waste money on items that would eventually be out of style or simply do not have the dollars to get new trends on clothing. Style is not just about looking great, it can also be about being smart about what you spend your money on.

With that mentioned, being more economic and smart about fashion needs time to be learned. We can start little by investing on clothing and fashion items that never go out of style. It is a win win opportunity for us. It is like hitting two birds in one stone. We can be in style at all times and be economic and smart on where we spend our precious money. The money which we got from our hard work and perseverance.


Here we have listed classics that you can start adding to your timeless wardrobe.

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 Little Black Dress

An iconic fashion trend. You can use it on casual and formal events and still look fashionable, sharp and classic. It can be paired with stilettos for parties and weddings and can also be worn with cardigans and flats for a regular look at work. When getting yourself a little black dress, ensure it has a knee-length or shorter skirt.


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Denim Pants or Jeans

An eternal staple and a classic when it comes to casual attire. They are our wardrobe’s pillar. It can be worn in any season, may it be summer or winter. When choosing a denim, you should always invest on dark wash jeans. Same as the little black dress, you can partner dark washdenims with stilettos for parties and flats for casual look.

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Pencil Skirts

A staple on elegant women’s wardrobe. Not all women likes wearing skirt but when circumstance says you need to buy one, maybe for an interview, a conference, a business meeting or a dinner date, pencil skirt is the perfect apparel to wear. It can be paired nicely with blouses, blazers and camisoles.

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Trench Coats

A powerhouse of your wardrobe which has been in vogue since the 1800's. It can be paired with whatever you are wearing. They can turn our normal daily attire more flattering, classic, and elegant. They are also highly functional, and very comfortable.

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Leather Jacket

A perfect wear on rainy days to stay fashionable and protected from the rain. They are comfortable and casual. It may not be advisable to use them on hot seasons but they never fail to be a trend year after year.

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Black or Red Suede Pumps

Functional and versatile. They are always fashionable because they can easily be paired with dresses, shorts, skirts and jeans. When it comes to getting your own pair, it isimportant to get the best quality for longer usability. It is also best to choose an almond-shaped closed shoes because they are the ones who are always fashionable.

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White Shirts

A timeless plain beauty. They simply look great with any color. When getting a plain white shirt, it would be best to get a V-neck shirt. V-necks look good on any body type. Moreover, plain white V-neck shirts can be accessorized easily with scarf, necklace, blazers and more.


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Large Dark Sunglasses

Are iconic and can always add a chic look to your attire. In addition, they can also hide huge eye bags, dark circles, absence of makeup and maybe a black eye from last night’s party. Tryto wear them and you easily get that sophisticated and glamorous style.

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Do not just follow the new fashion trends, instead, look for beautiful timeless clothing and fashion items that can bring you satisfaction in the long run. We hope this article helped you get the most classic items for your daily look and helped you learn to spend your time, effort and money wisely.