What Are Some Fashion Tips For Guys



What Are Some Fashion Tips For Men

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STYLE IS A very crucial part of life, and it requires some careful thought and understanding.

If you have never really cared so much about your look, there are some basic knowledge fashion tips for guys that are easy to understand.

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Be a Man with Style...

Although there is a plethora of men’s fashion tips online, often they are contradicting each other. And it doesn't help the new guy to hear all these different views and different tastes when it comes to fashion and styling.

Here is our basic, no frills, essential advice in choosing your daily clothing.

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DO: Find Your Perfect Fit

It always looks better when your clothes fit perfectly. It sounds simple but it gets overlooked all too often. If you have the means (a helpful mom/wife) don't be scared to ask them to make adjustments on garments.


With your shirts, find a shirt that has a good length of sleeves. They should be not too long and not too short. The ideal cuff should show ¼” to ½” inch from your coat or jacket sleeve.

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DO: Buy Clothes On Thrift Shops

When it comes to building an amazing wardrobe on a limited budget, thrift shops are the perfect place to go. You may be able to discover looks that are old but it does not mean that classics are unwearable.

In fact, when you need a suit, it can be best to look for them on thrift shops. Expensive suits can bemade of wool of cotton where they offer higher thread counts but suits that have higher thread counts are not as durable so stick with suits of mid-quality.

NOTE - Make sure you think of the cost of dry cleaning, and any ammendments that need to be made before you purchase from thrift stores. They aren't always cheaper.

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DO: Invest On Your Shoes

Most men tend to be careless about the shoes they wear, but shoes are one of the main fashion style factors that gets guy noticed.Women and employers look on shoes to know a bit about personality. Keeping shoes on its pristine conditions is not as tedious and time consuming as you think. If you want to impress the opposite sex,then definitely pay more attention to your shoes.Buy a good pair of shoes in line with your budget. Once you have that good pair of shoes, take good care of it by polishing it from time to time and storing it in a tidy place. Circumstances may tell that you need more than one pair of shoes. In this case, you may take into considerations getting a pair of boots, loafers and sneakers.

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DO: Learn The Right Way To Wear Your Trousers

When wearing pants, neither wear it too high as you would appear like an old person nor wear it too low as you may appear like a high school kid. The ideal length of wearing it is two to three inches below your belly button. Pants may shrink a bit when washed so ensure to buy pants that touches the ground without your shoes when fitting.NOTE - A belt that works can do wonders for your look.

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DO: Partner Your Shoes With The Right Apparel

A good quick start is to always wear a pair of shoes with a darker shade than your pants. When in doubt, always go for black. Always remember that shoes you can usually partner with business attires cannot be worn with casual attires and vice versa.  A good rule of thumb is that the shinier your shoes, the dressier your apparel must be.

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DO: Wear Your Tie Correctly

When wearing ties, make sure to let them reach your belt because if not, you will end up appearing like a school kid. And if you are uncomfortable with buttoned up collars and want to unbutton it, ensure toremove you tie as well.

Wearing your tie with unbuttoned shirt will definitely make you look sloppy.

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DO: Keep Things Simple

When starting to refine your fashion style, it is important to take it easy on combining accessories and colors. Try to use the rules of thirds, try wearing not more than three jewelry and  try combining notmore than three colors on your look.

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Now you are equipped with general knowledge on fashion tips for guys. You should now be able to carry your taste and clothes on events and gatherings confidently. Of course, don't forget to use your best judgement in applying your own tastes and preferences while mixing and matching apparels.

It's always good to explore and try out new things, within reason.