What to Wear with Coral Pants


What To Wear With 

Coral Pants

When you’re staring at your wardrobe, is your go to pant option jeans? If you’re anything like me, the answer is yes. Blue jeans are awesome because they go with virtually anything. And it’s easy to think that other pant colors are harder to style.

Look Fresh with your Coral Pants

Today we are going to talk about adding a pop of color with coral pants. Surprised? Don’t be! Coral is such a fun, energetic and refreshing color that is extremely pleasing to the eye.

You can style your coral pants with so many different wardrobe essentials. Spending another busy day at the office? Headed out for a fun first date? Grabbing coffee with a friend? You’ll look great no matter where you’re rocking your coral pants.

Let’s take a look at some of the coolest pieces to wear with coral pants.

Black and White Patterned Blouse

A black and white patterned blouse is a great top choice to pair with coral pants. Keeping the colors on top classic allows the coral to really pop. But, trying a funky pattern adds a trendy and stylish flair to your look.


A dressy black and white patterned blouse is perfect for a day at the office when you’re hoping to make a statement and send out positive and energetic vibes in your bright and cheery coral pants.

White Linen Flowy Top

There’s just something about a crisp white linen top that is undeniably feminine and flawless. A beautiful flowing white linen top is the perfect wardrobe piece to pair with your coral pants.

This is such a fantastic look for a day shopping in town or even for a relaxed celebratory event like a bridal or baby shower. You will look classy and effortless in this laid back but totally put together look. This top is beautiful and is calling my name.

Gray Blazer

When you think about a blazer, it’s so easy to picture a jet black, perfectly tailored jacket. BUT, let’s talk about a relaxed gray blazer to pair with your coral pants.

This is such a trendy and hip look. Coral and gray are a lovely pair and a gray blazer is an easy way to elevate your style to something super chic.

This look is perfect for a laid back office environment or while lunching with your gal pals.

Beige Relaxed Tee

Since coral is a blend of red and yellow, pairing it with a beige top is a great choice. Beige and coral together give off a super chill and positive energy.

Try a super soft relaxed beige tee with your coral pants for an easy, cool-girl look. This outfit is perfect for a weekend afternoon running errands or hanging with friends. Here’s one we love:

Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your wardrobe. And it (of course!) totally goes with coral pants.

That beige t-shirt we just chatted about? Throw your denim jacket on over it and you’ve got a totally complete and super fashionable look.

Floral Print Flats

Now that we’ve chatted about the different tops and outerwear you can pair with your coral pants, let’s talk shoes and accessories!

A floral print flat is such a fun, feminine and romantic shoe to pair with your coral pants. I love this shoe choice paired with that gorgeous white linen top above. Such a soft, beautiful and effortless look. Here is a fun pair to try!


Teal Necklace

And finally, what’s not to love about some super fun jewelry? Try a teal necklace with your coral pants. This is a great look if you’re someone who really loves color.

Teal and coral are such a pleasing color combination and you’ll be positively shining in this look. How pretty is this necklace?!

So, the next time you are reaching for your everyday pair of blue jeans, perhaps you’ll think again? Coral pants are so fun and can truly be paired with so many items in your wardrobe. 

You’ll be sure to stand out in style and most likely make people smile when you wear this fun, flirty and bold color!

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