What Should I Wear?!? Classic Shirt and Pants Combinations That Never Go out of Style


Classic Shirt and Pants Combinations

That Never Go Out of Style 

HAVE YOU EVER started your day by looking into your closet at the vast array of clothing items in front of you and having this thought: I have NOTHING to wear!

Play with your Classic Shirts and Pants

Everyone’s been there. It is so easy to get overwhelmed by all of the individual clothing pieces in our wardrobes and we end up paralyzed. We’re unable to think of a single outfit combination.

That’s why today we are going to chat about some classic shirt and pants combinations that never go out of style. Next time you’re staring into the deep abyss that is your closet, hopefully some of these recommendations will come to mind!

Khaki Pants & A Cool Blue Button Down

It doesn’t get more classic than this! Guys and girls both can rock this look for a more casual day at the office. Or maybe you’re on vacation! Or dreaming of vacation!  


I totally love this look for a relaxing day in a seaside town. It’s light and airy but gives off such a sophisticated vibe. Here’s some outfit inspiration for you:

Denim Jeans & A Plaid Shirt

Let’s get even more casual and chat about denim jeans with a plaid shirt. This is an outfit that  simply cannot be messed up. It’s so easy and SO classic.

Girls, try an oversized plaid shirt with a skinny jean for a relaxed and edgy feel. Guys, here’s a hint: girls totally dig dudes in nice and snug jeans with a perfectly-fit plaid button down. Again, you cannot go wrong here.

Black Leather Pants & A Graphic Tee

Okay, okay – hear me out on this one. Leather pants are definitely a daring look. But today, you can find so many alternatives to straight up leather and still rock this look. And leather pants with a graphic tee makes for the perfect, ultra cool-girl outfit.

Rock this look at your favorite band’s next show. I also love this outfit idea for a night out with friends at the bar or bowling.

Not totally sure you’re ready for leather? Try a black, waxed denim pant instead. You’ll accomplish the same look without going totally into the leather zone.

Gray Dress Pants & A Classy Bright Sweater

Dress pants are pretty much the routine for many of us in the working world. BUT, you don’t have to get sucked into the monotony of dress pants with a button down shirt every day.

Why not try a classy brightly colored sweater with your dress pants? Guys, you can throw a sweater over your collared shirt to add a little energy to your look.

By keeping your dress pants neutral, you can have fun with your color choices on top. I don’t know about you, but I am loving this one:

Blue Bellbottom Jeans & A Bohemian Top

Blue bellbottom jeans and a flowy, bohemian top are such a classic and fun outfit combo. Bellbottoms are an easy way to try out a funkier look.

With most looks currently incorporating a skinny pant, the bellbottom is a great way to experiment with a different silhouette. It is ideal to rock this look on the weekend out with friends shopping or grabbing coffee.

It’s also the perfect look to wear to the nearest music festival. You’ll be sending out good vibes in style.


Denim on Denim

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the truly classic denim on denim getup. While this look isn’t for everyone, it really is a classic. And you can have fun with it!

Try a top and bottom in the same wash of denim. Or wear a darker denim on the bottom and lighten up the top (or vice versa!). This is such a relaxed yet totally fashionable look.

I hope these outfit recommendations have sparked some creative energy in you. When you look into your closet, my hope is that these outfit ideas come to mind!

It is so easy to get overwhelmed by our wardrobes and just grab for the same style we wear every day. But, these classic shirt and pants combinations are such an awesome way to have fun with the clothes in your closet.

Have fun with the clothes in your closet by mixing, matching and creating. No doubt, the joy you find in styling your wardrobe will transfer to the confidence you have in rocking your look!

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