What To Wear With A Black Pencil Skirt


What To Wear With A 

Black Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are definitely one of a girl’s best friends

Like anything, it’s easy to fall into a rut with your daily wardrobe choices. So let’s take a look at three super fun and easy ways to spice up your black pencil skirt.

Wear Your Wonderful Black Pencil Skirt

We’ve talked about what shoes to wear with a pencil skirt and what great pieces you can pair with your pencil skirt. But, let’s also touch on what to wear specifically with a black pencil skirt since it is such a wonderful wardrobe essential.

If you’re spending most of the work week in an office environment or running from one meeting to the next, chances are you’re rocking your black pencil skirt on a regular basis.

Casual Office Day Look

Is your daily work environment a business casual setting? If so, there are a ton of fun ways to dress down a black pencil skirt. Here’s one:


Bright Green Cardigan

Try a green cardigan with your black pencil skirt. Green is such a fresh and pleasing color that symbolizes growth and harmony.

Who wouldn’t want to be radiating that sort of positive energy to the people around them? Here is a lovely option.

Navy Blue and White Striped Top

What do you wear under your green cardigan? Why not go with the classically beautiful navy blue and white striped top? A striped top in these colors is a great way to add a little pattern to your look while still keeping things professional.

Blue and green are both dominant colors but by adding the white stripes you will have a completely put together look that is really pleasing to the eye.

Black Pumps

To complete this look, try a pair of classic and chic black pumps. This shoe choice will bring the whole outfit together for a seamlessly chic and perfectly professional look.

Professional Office Day Look

Perhaps your work environment is a bit more on the professional side. Bright colors might not be the most appropriate choice for you, but you can still introduce some awesome color and style to your daily look with a black pencil and some other great pieces. Let’s take a look.

Maroon Blouse

Why not try pairing your black pencil skirt with a feminine, flowing and flawless maroon blouse? Maroon is a shade of red and red is most commonly associated with power, energy and strength. Such awesome qualities to exude on a daily basis on your way to conquering the world!

Since maroon is a darker shade of red, you’ll be able to make this statement in a poised and professional manner. Here’s a great option.


BELLA Ladies’ Flowy Off Shoulder Long Sleeve Shirt

Gray Cardigan

Try a gray cardigan over your maroon blouse. Maroon, gray and black make for a lovely color palette that is pleasing to the eye and very sophisticated. The muted tones are a great choice for someone looking to work seriously in style.

Pearl Necklace

For the finishing touch, why not throw on a super classy pearl necklace? This final accessory will really elevate the look and give you a true sense of elegance and style. Here is a gorgeous option:

Funky Casual Pencil Skirt

Who says a pencil skirt should only be worn at work? There are a number of ways to rock your black pencil skirt outside of the office. Here’s a totally chic look that I plan to step out in soon!

Black and White Graphic T-shirt

For the ultimate cool-girl look, you can’t go wrong with a graphic tee. Whether you choose one that is black and white or has some color in it, you’ll be totally styling. I have my eye on this one:


Black Leather Jacket

And of course, a black leather jacket is a must for this sexy, edgy look. Throw it on over your graphic tee for a rocker chick vibe.

Strappy Black Heels

Finally, throw on a pair of strappy black heels that will really make a statement. Whether you wear this look out on a hot date or to see your favorite band, no doubt you will look great.

A black pencil skirt deserves to be let loose from its typical work week cycle and this outfit is the perfect way to do just that!

So, whether you’re heading to an important meeting, grabbing coffee with a friend, planning an important presentation or hitting the town with your latest fling, why not try a black pencil skirt? It won’t disappoint!

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