Is It Acceptable For Guys To Wear A Pink Shirt



Is It Acceptable For Guys To Wear A

Pink Shirt

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PINK IS A beautiful color for everyone to wear. If we look throughout the history, pink is a color that has been used by men and women but today, the color is unfortunately subject to stereo types. There is this common stereo type that pink is a color for women which is seemingly unalterable and classic but is just a concept that became a norm in our modern day.

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Pink as a color of Men's Clothing

In the beginning of 1800s in America, pink is only regarded as a color for young people because of its fresh and soothing look so it was not really viewed a color for gender distinction but rather of age distinction. Pink is associated with the babies’ innocence and health. People commonly dressed babies with pink clothing regardless of their gender.

By the middle of the 19th century, pink started to be associated with gender difference but there were contradicting views and agreements about it in different locations. For example, at that time in the Midwest of America, pink started to be popular for boys while in France, pink was a trend for girls.

At the end of the 1800s, books about newborn babies started to give advises to distinguish clothes for babies according to their gender which was then used by clothing manufacturer as an opportunity for more sales. However, there are disagreements still on which is which in different regions.


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In the 1990, Brooks Brothers created the very first pink dress shirt for men but was not a hit until they created pink button-up. They normally used pastel pink so it would be good on the eye – Bold but not too bold.

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By 1955, pink clothing became a popular fashion trend for men. It was even called as “The Peak Year for Pink.” After Brook Brother’s created pink button-ups, being a good trend not only for adult men but also for teenagers, they widened their production from dress shirts to even trench coats.

In the next two decades, pink went out of style and swung back in the 80s and 90s. This time, we had abilities to check the baby’s gender ahead of time. Pink became the color for girls and blue became the color for boys and it is a norm until now.

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Just like the common saying, we should all learn from history and history says that pink is not always a color for girls. It is for everybody regardless of age and gender so why should a man be afraid to wear it. A lot of men are already wearing it but still there are many who are afraid of prejudices, judgement and stereotypes. There are many other reasons why it is acceptable to wear pink for guys but there is one thing sure about the pink trend. History repeats itself!

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Aside from history, there are researches that would make a man wear pink despite of prejudices.

According to psychological researches and studies, wearing pink is great for business. The research show that pink can create a calming effect to people around you. If you wear it on business meetings, you would want your clients to be relaxed as it is more probable for them to trust you and put their guard down.

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Another research says that men who wear pink earns more than men who don’t which can also reflect that men who wear pink shirts have better intellect, competitiveness and qualifications. They are more likely to have a Master’s degree. Remember the movie “The Great Gatsby” where Jay Gatsby wears a pink suit to denote his social class and education.

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If you have the courage to wear pink now, how should you wear it? It all depends on the color of your skin, men with darker complexion, regardless if it is by race, the sun or tanning machine, should stick to pastel pink while men with a more pale skin color should go for dark pink. You can also try wearing accents of pink like ties and for a more masculine look, always start with button-down dress shirts and try to wear a darker color of pants. Although, pink can be partnered with all colors.

Shades of Pink

Shades of Pink

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More and more men are going pink not only because they are supporting the Pinktober Breast Cancer Campaign but because they are unashamed and unbridled. Check out how boys in pink showed how it is okay to wear pink this 2015. Now the real question is “Are you man enough to pull it off?”