Do Blue and Green Go Together


Do Blue and Green 

Go Together?

DECIDING WHAT TO wear can often be a major source of stress for most of us ladies! Do we wear a skirt? Do we wear trousers? Are pink leg warmers still acceptable?

Fun With Mix & Match!

Despite these stresses we all have, keeping up to date with fashion, and choosing our clothes, is on the whole, a fun experience.

It gives us the opportunity to express our personalities and creativity, and it can also tell other people a lot about what they can expect from us. Most of the time, and we are all guilty of this, we go for the safe option of black (fabulous though it is).

However, adding a bit of color to an outfit really can change everything about it. One of the most popular questions regarding colours that work well, is: ‘do blue and green go together?’ and we will show you that the answer is: YES!


DO: Pair It With Denim Jeans

Blue Denim Jeans

Levi's Juniors 524 Skinny Jean

Firstly, the most common combination that attracts the blue/green outfit are denim jeans. Every girl must have a pair of blue denim jeans in their wardrobe, and jeans go with absolutely anything.

Therefore, if you are unsure about trying a blue and green outfit, ease your way in by putting on a green t-shirt with your blue jeans, and you will see that the two colours really add edge to an outfit.

Furthermore, as is popular in Indian culture, adding warmer tones to a blue and green outfit – such as warm yellow, you can really break the outfit up and add a smoother contrast to the two colours… accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

DONT:  Use Both Colors With The Same Intensity

One thing we would recommend avoiding, is having the intensity of the colors the same.

For example, if you are going to wear neon green, do not match the blue in this way, it isn’t the 80’s and we aren’t at Studio 54! Instead, wear a bright blue blouse, with more of a spruce green scarf, and the two colors compliment each other, whilst keeping you looking stylish and confident.

DO: Play With The Other Shades

Tom's Ware Slim Fit Sleeveless Dress

There's no need to limit yourself to imagining green and blue as primary colours. There are so many beautiful shades of both, that the combinations and options are endless.

Teals and turquoises as well as navy, really give off an elegant and almost majestic touch to your attire, and who doesn’t want to feel like a princess?

DO: See It As An Earthy Color

Another great way of thinking about the blue and green combination is to think of the Earth. A wonderful landscape of green terrain and wonderful blue oceans. I’m sure you haven’t looked at a picture of the earth and thought: that doesn’t look amazing!

In contrast to the majestic navy we were previously talking about, earthy blues and greens can give more of a casual and laidback element to your outfit. As you can see, blues and greens together can be extremely versatile, you could use the colours to wear on a casual day of shopping, or add character to that power suit in a board meeting.

DO: Feel Confident & Stylish

We think one of the most important things to note, is as we previously said, most people do go for safe options. Therefore, adding these colors to your wardrobe can really alter how people think of you, and how you think of yourself.

To bite the bullet and go for the blue and green combination, you will feel more confident and stylish, which then rubs off on other people who will respect you for trying something bold.

To sum up, ‘blues and greens should never be seen’ is an old wives tale. If you’ve got green eyes and wear a blue top, your eyes will be vividly obvious.


ANTS Navy Women's V-neck Chiffon Dress

You can use so many different shades of blues and greens together to really fit your mood. Are you feeling powerful today? – Navy it is. Are you feeling fun and relaxed today? – Hello, turquoise.

That is the most beautiful think about this colour combination, the opportunities are endless, and will never go out of style. Blues and greens were prominent in the last Victoria’s Secret collection, so the combination works right down to our underwear!

So ladies, next time you see another lady rocking the green and blue, you will know that this girl really knows fashion and is a strong and confident woman!

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