What Color Shoes To Wear With A Yellow Dress


What Color Shoes To Wear With A 

Yellow Dress

WEAR YOUR YELLOW dress to work, to dinner or out with friends and you’ll be shining bright and putting off happy, positive vibes.  

A yellow dress is a wonderful wardrobe staple because it is super stylish and versatile.

Cheer Up With Your Yellow Dress...

Yellow is one of the bright, cheeriest and most optimistic colors you can choose to wear.

To mix up your look and take full advantage of the versatility of a yellow dress, shoe choice is important. Let’s take a look at some great shoe options to pair with your yellow dress!


As with every color, there are so many different shades and tones in the color yellow. So we broke it down and zoomed in on a few of the most tasteful shades of yellow you can choose for your yellow dress.

Bright Yellow

A bright yellow dress is such a fun, flirty and feminine choice. Sunshine yellow gives of joyful, youthful and sunny energy. Here’s a bright yellow dress we love:

Let’s look at some shoe choices you can pair with this awesome piece!

White Pumps

You can’t go wrong with a pair of crisp, white pumps as the finishing touch for your bright yellow dress. The sunny disposition of your dress matched with the freshness of a clean white shoe can’t be beat.

This is a super fun look for meeting up with friends for happy hour or dinner. Here’s a great pair!

Bold Blue Heel

If you’re feeling bold and daring to be different, try a bold cobalt blue heel with your bright yellow dress.

At first, this color pairing may seem like an odd couple since both yellow and blue are such bold colors. But, fashion is about doing what you want and this look is sure to make a statement! This is a super fun pair:


Pastel Yellow

Going for a more romantic, light and airy look? Try a dress in a soft pastel yellow.

This is such a lovely shade of yellow for a special event like an outdoor wedding or bridal or baby shower. Yellow is such a wonderful color for uplifting spirits and putting off the energy happiness and fun.

Such a great color choice for so many different types of events! Here’s a beautiful pastel yellow dress that we love:

Turquoise Heels

To add a funky and trendy flair to your look, pair your pastel yellow dress with a pair of turquoise heels. This is a super fun and bold look that will still go over great at special occasions.

You’ll definitely bring the party in this look!

Brown Leather Sandals

For a more mellow and relaxed look, try a pair of brown leather sandals with your pastel yellow dress. This is a very natural and feminine look that is super pleasing to the eye.


Here is a pair we love:


Golden Yellow

The color gold falls within the shades and tones of yellow and is an intense and romantic color. Choose a yellow dress in this shade when you’re looking to turn some heads.

A golden yellow dress is perfect for a fancy date night or a holiday party. This one is a real showstopper!

Black Heels

Match your golden yellow dress with a pair of strappy black heels for the ultimate chic and stylish look. Black and gold are a great classic color combination and create a timelessly elegant style.

Off White

Want to try something different than the classic black and gold combo? Go for an off-white pump with your golden yellow dress. This is a refined and stylish shoe choice that will add the perfect level of class to your look.

Mustard Yellow

Finally, let’s chat about mustard yellow. This is a wonderful, warm shade of yellow that looks both stunning and sophisticated.

We love this color for a relaxed weekend look or for a more casual day at the office. Here’s a mustard yellow dress you could wear both ways!

Brown Booties

Throw on a pair of brown booties with your mustard yellow dress for a lazy Saturday afternoon. Whether you’re meeting up with friends or reading a book at your favorite coffee shop, a mustard yellow dress and brown booties will be the perfect pair.

Maroon Pumps

Dress up your mustard yellow dress for the office with a pair of dark maroon pumps. These colors look just lovely together and will leave you energized and working in style.

A yellow dress is such a wonderful wardrobe staple and you can have fun dressing the look up or down for whatever the occasion may be.

Pair your yellow dress with some fancy, fun and fashionable shoes for a look that is sure to shine!

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