What Color Shoes to Wear With a Red Dress


What Color Shoes To Wear With

Red Dress

A RED DRESS is an awesomely brave and gorgeous choice. Personally, I tend to be a girl who sticks to neutral colors in my day to day wardrobe. But, when I am looking to dress to impress, my red dress has never let me down.

Paint The Town Red...

All right, ladies. Let’s chat. You’re getting yourself gussied up and heading out to paint the town red with your girlfriends or that handsome man in your life.

You want to choose an outfit that is bold, daring and delightful. Your eyes settle on that spicy little red number.


Maybe you purchased this red dress for a special occasion and just haven’t found the right time to wear it yet. Well, let me tell you, tonight is the night!


I’m excited to chat with you about being courageously fabulous and stepping out in your red dress. Speaking of stepping out…the next logical question is what shoes do I wear with my red dress?

Well darlings, your options are vast but I want to give you my two cents about what shoes I think will take your red dress to the next level. Let’s do this.

Black Strappy Heels


ESSEX GLAM Women's Stiletto Sandal Shoes

There’s nothing quite as sexy as a black strappy heel. And this type of shoe is a perfect companion for your fiery red dress.

Black and red are definitely bold colors to wear together. For this reason, I would suggest this look if you’re feeling daring and want to step out in confidence.

It takes a strong and assured woman to pull of this look. But I believe in you! I always say confidence is the best form of beauty!

White Sneakers and Flats


RALPH LAUREN Women's Fashion Sneakers

This is one of my favorite looks. For some reason, I am so into a great white shoe.

Personally, I’ve been loving a classic white sneaker. This is a great way to rock a red dress during the day or for a more casual occasion.

I love the contrast of a bold and fun red dress with a sneaker. It’s a little different and surprising. (Bonus tip: I would also totally pair this outfit with a great black denim jacket for the ultimate cool, tomboy look).

Another great option is a white flat. Lately, I have been loving a white flat with a severe pointed toe.

Something about this looks is so chic. If you want to take it up a notch, go with a heel option of this look.

The choices are endless but the bright and stark contrast of a snazzy red and a crisp white are just delightful!

Gold Shoes



A gold shoe with a red dress is a classic combination and it’s a great way to elevate your look to one that is elegant and sophisticated.


I think this is a great look for a special occasion like an elaborate wedding or dinner party. Whether you go with a closed toe or open toe look, you will certainly turn heads.

This outfit shows you have style and class.

Nude Shoe


QUPID Women Chunky Heel Ankle Bootie

Another great option to pair with your red dress is a nude shoe. If you’re planning on rocking a nude shoe, try a shade that is closest to your skin tone.

This optimizes the “shoe diminishing effect”. If you the nude or beige shade you choose has too much blush in it, it gets a little too pink and doesn’t have the same allure that the nude shoe does.

Dress this look up with a high heel and sleek silhouette or dress down with a chunky, nude ankle boot. No matter how you wear it, a red dress and a nude shoe are a perfect pair.

Blue Shoe

Here’s a fun one! To take you back to elementary art class, blue is a complimentary color to red. Therefore, a blue shoe with a red dress makes for a really fun combo.

I think this look tells a great story about whatever girl chooses to wear it. Chances are she’s got a lot of spunk, wit and energy.


LILIANA Women Suede Zip Stiletto Bootie

This combo totally puts out positive energy and when you pair it with a smile and confidence you can’t go wrong.

Personally, I would try a blue suede shoe (Elvis anybody?!) with my red dress. The suede adds a level of luxury and texture to your look but the color keeps it light and fun!

So that’s that! I hope that you ladies were able to get some ideas for what to pair with your red dress.

No matter what you choose – whether you keep it simple with a nude heel or go for a more daring look with a black strappy heel, my hope is that you’ll feel confident and beautiful in your red dress. I know you can rock it!

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