What Color Shoes to Wear with a Green Dress


What Color SHOES To Wear With A

Green Dress

COLOR GREEN is a magnificent earthy color. It brings to mind balance, nature, newness and harmony.

A green dress is a lovely wardrobe choice and can be appropriate for many different types of events and settings.

Best Shoes for your Green Dress

Styling your green dress is of the utmost importance if you’re hoping to pull off a put-together and polished look. Shoes are often the one wardrobe item that can really bring an outfit together. So what shoes do you wear with your green dress?

Well, within the color green, there are many variations of shades and tones. Let’s take a look at a few different shades of green and what color shoes go best with each!


Pale Green

Pale green represents new growth and youthfulness and is such a delightful color to brighten up your wardrobe with. If you have a neutral skin tone, pale green is a great color choice!

This relaxed skater silhouetted pale green dress is a super fun and flirty look.

White High Top Sneakers

To keep the look fresh and youthful, pair your pale green dress with a funky pair of crisp and bright white high top sneakers.

Pale green and white are an excellent, bright and cheery color combination and you can’t go wrong wearing them together.

Dark Green Flats

Are you going for a more feminine look? Why not try green on green? Contrast your pale green dress with dark green flats for a look that is flirty and feminine.

Forest Green

Next up, let’s chat about forest green. Dark forest green is a very demure and elegant color choice.

A forest green dress would look great for a fancy event like a wedding or important business dinner. Whether you have a cool or warm skin tone, you’ll shine and show style and ambition in this color dress.

Here’s one that we love. It’s very classy and feminine yet a bit trendy with the zip-up front.

Let’s look at some shoe options that would pair perfectly with this forest green dress.

Classic Black Heels

There’s nothing classier than a perfect pair of black heels. Find a pair that is just the right height with just the right amount of pointed toe for a flawless forest green dress moment.

Classic black heels are so versatile too and are a great staple item for your wardrobe.

Deep Purple Heel

For a look that stands out a bit more than a classic black heel, try a pair of heels in a deep purple color.


Forest green and deep purple are a color combo very pleasing to the eye. This is a super sophisticated and chic look.

Olive Green

Olive green is the traditional color of peace. Ever heard of extending an olive branch to someone? Yep! That’s where this idea comes from!

Olive green connotes strength of character and the ability to overcome adversity and is a lovely color to wear if you have a warm skin tone. Bonus tip: it’s an easy color to dress up or dress down.

Here’s a fun and flirty olive green dress that you could easily wear on a relaxed Saturday afternoon. Or pair it with black tights for a more formal look.

Let’s take a look at what color shoes pair well with olive green.

Brown Booties

For a laid back and earthy vibe, try a pair of brown booties. Brown and green are a classic color combo that you can’t beat!

Leopard Print Heels

Feeling a little wild? Why not throw on a pair of leopard print heels with your olive green dress?

This is a super fun and funky look that is sure to turn heads.

Nude Espadrilles

Nude and green are a near perfect color combination. We love a nude shoe in any style. 

For a flirty and feminine look, pair your olive green dress with a fun pair of nude espadrilles like this pair.

A green dress is such a lovely wardrobe staple. And as you can see there is no shortage of ways to pair your green dress with lots of different colored shoes.

Have fun with it and don’t forget to wear confidence, kindness and smile. You’ll rock your green dress and hot shoes for sure!

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