What Color Shoes To Wear With An Eggplant Dress


What Color SHOES To Wear With An

Eggplant Dress

AN EGGPLANT COLOR dress is perfect for so many different occasions. Whether you choose to wear your eggplant dress to work, to a special occasion or on a casual weekend afternoon, you’ll be sure to stun.

Eggplant can be a really lovely color choice for a dress and an eggplant dress is a great addition to your wardrobe.

Look Stunning with Your Eggplant Dress

Okay ladies. Let’s talk about the color eggplant. I’ll be honest. In my opinion, the name of this color is…well, interesting.

In the past, I’ve been put off by the color simply because of the name of it. I think about eggplant parmesan at my local Italian restaurant. Or, the tongue-in-cheek eggplant emoji!


Eggplant  is a dark purple or brownish-purple color. Purple is a color that exudes the excitement of red and the calmness of blue. This makes it a bold and regal color choice. Eggplant, a derivative of purple, can uplift, calm and encourage.

However, it’s imperative to remember that your shoe choice is of the utmost importance when styling your eggplant dress. So, let’s take a look at eggplant color dresses for different occasions and the perfect shoes to pair with them!

A Busy Day at the Office

If you work in an office setting, you know that it can get tiresome to choose am outfit on the daily. But, an eggplant dress is such a sophisticated and feminine piece to add to your wardrobe.

Whether you’re busy leading and important meeting or responding to emails and pulling reports, an eggplant dress is a great choice for the office. Here’s is a lovely one:

So, what shoes should you pair with your eggplant dress to keep this look perfectly business profesh? Let’s dive in:

Nude Pumps

You can’t go wrong with a pair of ultra-feminine and super sophisticated nude pumps. This shoe choice will pair flawlessly with your smart eggplant dress.

The two colors compliment one other perfectly and are both subtle and powerful. This is a lovely pair:

A Romantic Wedding

An eggplant dress is also a lovely choice when seeking out the perfect look for a loved one’s special day. This color choice is both glamorous and romantic.

Check out this gorgeous dress for your next wedding!

Black Strappy Heels

Black strappy heels are a great option to pair with your romantic eggplant dress for a wedding or other special occasion.

The contrast is natural but still makes an impact. And adding the strappy component is sexy and romantic in a subtle way.

Here’s a super sultry pair:

A Casual Weekend Afternoon

Whether you’re just leaving brunch, running errands or taking your fluffy friend on a walk through the park, a casual eggplant dress is a great option for the a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

This color is calming and pleasing to the eye and therefore is a great choice for your lazy weekends bumming around town. This is an ultra-chic, cool girl dress that we love:


Brown Leather Booties

Pair your relaxed eggplant color dress with a pair of brown leather booties for a trendy and hip look that is sure to turn heads. What’s better than looking totally put together while also feeling totally relaxed? Not much, if you ask me!

Here’s a fun pair that is both comfy and chic!

So, I hope that like me, you’ve given the color eggplant a second chance. I hope you’ve realized that this color exudes power, confidence, romance and femininity. What’s better than that?!

Whether you choose to wear your eggplant dress at the office, to a wedding, or while grabbing coffee with a friend, make sure to give thought to what shoes you pair with the dress!

Shoes can make or break an outfit. So, follow the color guidelines we’ve outlined above for a romantic, chic and put together look that is perfect for any occasion or setting!

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