What Color Shoes to Wear with a Champagne Dress


What Color SHOES To Wear With A 

Champagne Dress

IF YOU’RE ANYTHING like me, the color champagne brings up fantasies of luxurious, romantic dinners or expensive vacations along the French Riviera.

Luxury Look with Champagne Dress

I mean, it doesn’t get any more luxe than sparkling, bubbling champagne!

Okay, so snapping back to reality…we obviously can’t sit around sipping champs all day. But that doesn’t mean you can’t rock a gorgeous champagne dress to step up your style game.

A champagne dress is the perfect choice for many different events and occasions. But, of course, it’s of the utmost importance that you style your champagne dress impeccably. And that means we must talk about shoes!

Let’s take a look at a few different champagne dresses and the shoes that will totally rock with them!


A Gorgeous Wedding Look

Champagne is the perfect color to wear to a wedding. With hints of rose, gold and white, champagne is an elegant and striking color.

You’ll look classy and debonair in this color dress. Here is a beautiful one that we love!

Now, what shoes do you wear with your dress? We like the idea of keeping the look romantic and light.

So, try a pair of strappy heels in a similar color to your dress. Try beige, off white, gold or champagne as a shoe color option.

Your whole look will be seamless, effortless and beautiful. Here is a lovely pair that would look darling with the dress above!

A Sexy Date Look

For an edgier champagne moment, why not try a sexy, satin slip dress? This dress is perfect for a relaxed and romantic date.

It’s easy and ultra bold and feminine. Take this look to the next level by throwing a leather motorcycle jacket over your champagne dress. You’ll look luxurious with total edgy vibes.

Now to complete the look, let’s find the perfect shoe to pair with this sexy champagne number. To offset the edgy and sexy vibe of the dress and jacket, why not try a pair of black single strap heels? Like this pair?

I love the idea of mixing different vibes…sexy, romantic, feminine and masculine. And these shoes paired with this outfit do just that! If you ask me, this is the ultimate date night outfit for a free spirited and bold lady!

A Relaxed Elegant Office Look

You can totally rock a champagne dress at the office too! Whether you choose to wear it by itself or throw a professional blazer on top, you’ll look poised, elegant and ready to get down to business.

We love a classic gray pump with this look. It’s sophisticated and goes perfectly with the ease and femininity of the dress above.


We hope that these three champagne dress looks will inspire you to give this color a shot! If you’re not drinking the bubbly, you might as well try wearing the color champagne.

It will boost your energy and add a little luxe to your look. Whether you’re the best dressed guest at a wedding (besides the bride of course!), killing the style game while on a date, or rocking a meeting in your professional champagne get-up, we bet you’ll love wearing your champagne dress and gorgeous shoes!

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