What Color Jacket with Khaki Pants


What Color JACKET To Wear With

Khaki Pants

DECIDING WHAT TO wear can often be a major source of stress for most of us ladies! Do we wear a skirt? Do we wear trousers? Are pink leg warmers still acceptable?

Have Fun with Khaki Pants

Despite these stresses we all have, keeping up to date with fashion, and choosing our clothes, is on the whole, a fun experience.

It gives us the opportunity to express our personalities and creativity, and it can also tell other people a lot about what they can expect from us. Most of the time, and we are all guilty of this, we go for the safe option of black (fabulous though it is).

However, adding a bit of color to an outfit really can change everything about it. One of the most popular questions regarding colours that work well, is: ‘do blue and green go together?’ and we will show you that the answer is: YES!


The Effortlessly Cool: David Beckham

The Queen of Fashion: Kim Kardashian

Dudes, Let’s Start with You

So guys – it’s easy to throw on a t-shirt or button down shirt with your khakis. But if you stop there, chances are your look might fall a little flat.

Let’s talk about how to amp up your style by rocking a jacket with your khaki pants.

Navy Blue Blazer

A blazer is an effortless and classy piece to choose to pair with your favorite khaki pants. Rocking a blazer with your khakis is a great way to show that you’ve given thought to what you’re wearing.

You’ll come across poised- totally calm, collected and cool.

Choose a navy blue blazer to give a great contrast against any shake of khaki pant. A navy blazer is also an awesome investment for your wardrobe.

It’s a versatile item that you can pair with so many pieces. And you can’t go wrong rocking one with your khaki pants.

Gray and Black Fleece Jacket

A gray and black fleece jacket is an awesome item to pair with your khaki pants. This look is perfect for a relaxed Saturday.

Maybe you’re walking the dog around town or meeting up with the guys to throw the football around. A gray and black fleece will keep you warm while looking cool.

I love this jacket – the colors will contrast perfectly with your khaki pants.  

Army Green Cargo Jacket

Finally, why not try an army green cargo jacket? This option will look great with a light khaki pant.

The look is also perfect for a relaxed weekend afternoon or for a casual dinner date and movie. Throw this coat on over a t-shirt for a really chill look. Or try it over a collared, button-down to dress it up. I’m digging this one:

Ladies, Let’s Talk!

Alright ladies…I know I made you wait. But trust me, it’s worth it. And maybe in the meantime you were able to get some tips for the special dude in your life 

While I don’t want to sound like a broken record, most of the options for the guys would work perfectly for you ladies too (modified of course!). So let’s jump in:


Black Leather Jacket

Okay, let’s talk about the perfect leather jacket. I prefer my leather jackets to be jet black, a little weathered and tight in all the right places.

This is such a classic, cool-girl look. Pair your jacket with a darker green khaki for an outfit that really pops. I’m in love with this one:

Navy Blue Blazer…Again

This one is worth repeating. You definitely can’t go wrong rocking a perfectly tailored navy blue blazer with your khaki pants.

For ladies, this look is so classic and elegant at the same time. I love this look for a day at the office. You’ll come across relaxed, poised and chic. This one would look awesome!

Houndstooth Peacoat

For a super put together look, try a houndstooth peacoat over your khaki pants. This is such a sophisticated and classy outfit.

I would definitely rock this look to an important lunch meeting or out on a dinner date. This coat is definitely calling my name.

Colorful Patterned Raincoat

What’s more fun (and convenient) than a colorful, patterned raincoat? Just because it’s a rainy day doesn’t mean you can’t strut your stuff in style.

Pair your raincoat with your khakis for a fun yet refined look. The options are totally endless and you can have so much fun with it. Personally, I’m crushing on this one:

So that’s a wrap, ladies and gents! Like I said, khaki pants are such an awesome wardrobe staple and rocking the perfect jacket with them will absolutely elevate your style.

Whether you choose a classic navy blazer, an edgy black motorcycle leather jacket, or a colorful raincoat, I can almost guarantee you you’ll set yourself apart as the most stylish khaki pant wearer around!

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