What Color Goes With olive Green


What Color Goes With

Olive Green

AN UNDERRATED COLOR, olive green can be quite intimidating.

It’s easy to be put off mixing and matching it with other wardrobe staples due to its dark undertones but when worn correctly with the right complementing colors, olive green can really make an outfit pop.

Stand Out With Olive Green

Although olive green can seem intimidating, it can also take an ordinary outfit and make it turn heads on the street. Even to the point where people come up to you and compliment your look!

It can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion and can be bold or classic, making it a great color option for any piece of clothing.  

 So Let’s Talk Color…

DO: Opposite Colors

On the color wheel, olive green and medium purple are opposites. This means they are complementary colors and look fabulous when paired together.


If you mix an olive green pair of pants with a medium purple top, you’ll automatically notice that each color appears brighter and really pops, making your outfit stand out.

Even adding medium purple accessories to the mix will take your olive green piece of clothing to new heights. So, if you find a great tee in medium purple, it’s time to start looking for an olive green bottom to match!

DO: Shades of Brown

Another color that pairs perfectly with olive green is brown.  For a very neutral and earthy look, try any shade of brown – including tan, light brown, dark brown.

These colors really shine in flowy, feminine looks. Why not wear an effortless linen olive green dress and throw a tan or light brown sweater over top?

Women can also benefit from this color combo by wearing brown or tan accessories with their olive green outfit like jewelry or even a great pair of heels or flats.

You can have a lot of fun with this color combination. The olive green/brown color combo often seems inspired by safari or military color schemes.

Pairing brown shades with olive green allows you to play off of the safari and military outfit concepts in a creative and fashionable way. For example, you could try a fun military style jacket with olive green pants.

You don’t have to travel for days on end to the desert to rock the ultimate chic safari look. Try a safari-inspired outfit with khaki pants and an olive green top for a fun day out with friends.

DO: Neutral Colors

If you want to keep it simple and don’t want to think about what goes well with olive green, just opt for neutral colors and you’ll look great! These neutral colors include black, white and grey and typically go best with any color combination.

For a crisp and clean look, try a white top with olive green pants. One easy way to rock this look is wearing slim, distressed olive green pants with a flowy, bohemian white top.

Such a perfect choice for a weekend day out running errands, grabbing coffee and meeting up with friends. Here are some chic choices:


Black is the ultimate color of sophistication. For the perfect office look, try pairing a black professional pencil skirt with an elegant olive green blouse. This professional and classy look is sure to stand out in the office.


For an edgier and more relaxed way to rock black and olive green, why not try this? Throw on an olive green dress and pair it with a fitted black jacket.

Try a black denim jacket or even a black leather jacket for the ultimate cool-girl, chic look.

Finally, grey is such a versatile color that complements a vast array of colors, including olive green. So when in doubt opt for something grey to offset your olive green top or bottom.

A simple grey t-shirt with olive green bottoms is the perfect relaxed weekend look.

DO: Be Bold

If you feel like being bold, try adding red or blue to the mix and you’ll notice how vibrant your outfit will look.

Red is a powerful color that garners attention wherever you go. Why not try a fun pair of deep red, slim pants with a flowy olive green top?

This look is perfect if you’re going for a funky and energetic vibe!

Blue, on the other hand, is still eye-catching but a bit more relaxed than red. Choose a lighter, sky blue sweater to rock with a funky pair of olive green cargo pants for a totally chill and put together outfit!



Mix Red and Blue with Olive Green for a vibrant look

So there’s no need to keep that olive green outfit in your wardrobe. These tips on what color goes with olive green and how to style it with other colors will make you look like a million bucks.

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