10 Gray Hoodies You Can’t Afford To Miss




10 Gray Hoodies

You Can't Afford To Miss


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Nike Fleece Full Zip Men's Gray Hoodie
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 Gray Hoodies for the Win!

When it comes to a game time decision, a gray hoodie is always a good go to play.

They are versatile, cozy, hot, and are sure to gain you points. When you’re not sure what to wear – be it to watch the game, go out for drinks, or chill at home – a gray hoodie is an easy choice. It looks great with jeans and provides you with that cozy, comfortable feel.

To help you score a winner, we’ve drafted the 10 best gray hoodies online. Enjoy.

Comparison Table

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Product NameBrandWarmthQualityPriceCustomer Score (Out of 5)
Men’s Half Dome HoodieThe North Face ★★★★★★★★☆$$$$4.4
Men’s Big-Tall Sherpa Lined SweatshirtCarhartt★★★★★★★★★☆$$$$4.5
Men’s Big-Tall Thermal Lined HoodieCarhartt★★★★★★★★★☆$$$$4.7
Men’s Charged Cotton Storm Transit HoodieUnder Armour★★★☆★★★★$$$4.4
The Official Knight HoodieZBoss Inc★★★★★★★$$$$3.9
AW77 Fleece Full-Zip Men’s HoodieNike ★★★★★★★★☆$$$4.2
Grin&Bear Men’s Long Sleeve HoodieGrin&Bear★★★★★★★$$4.4
The Standard Gray HoodieChampion★★★★★★★★$$4.4
Alternative Men’s Zip HoodieAlternative★★★★★$$4.1
Men's Ashwood Comfort Hoodie JacketMerrell★★★★★★★★★$$$$N/A

North Face

Comfort You Can Count On

The North Face Men's Half Dome Hoodie

The North Face Hoodie★ 80/20 cotton poly blend

★ Warm and comfortable

There's nothing like coming home after a long day to your favourite hoodie. And if you need a new favourite, then this is for you.

The 80/20 cotton poly blend means it is super comfortable and warm. Like your own instant heater, when you come home to a cold house.

Overall a quality made hoodie. Made for relaxing at home, and sure to be your first choice when you walk in the door. Check it out here.


Armour Against the Cold

Men's Big-Tall Sherpa Lined Sweatshirt - by Carhartt

Sherpa lined Carhartt Sweatshirt★ Sherpa lined

★ Tall sizes

If your house can get cold sometimes, then you need some kind of warm armour to keep you protected.

This jacket is like wearing a set of warm armour. Actually its more like a warm cloud, that feels like everything that’s soft. Like laying on marshmallows, cotton candy, on a bed of feathers…

We like the Carhartt one because it comes in tall sizes. So no matter what your size, it will totally cover you in the cold. You can read what other purchasers had to say here.


Cold Torso?

Men's Big-Tall Thermal Lined Hoodie - by Carhartt

Carhartt Big and Tall Thermal Lined Sweatshirt★ Long but not overly baggy

★ Variety of sizes

Are you used to clothes that don't cover you properly?

Then Carhartt has you covered. This long hoodie feels tailor made, and the extra inches cover your torso and wrists like they should be.

The 50/50 cotton polyester blend means it's quite tough and will take some punishment.

So whether it's at work or play, this gray hoodie is a perfect fit. Available in many sizes here.


New Workout Partner

Men's Charged Cotton Storm Transit Hoodie - Under Armour

Men's Charged Under Armour Hoodie★ Brushed inner layer

★Very lightweight

UA have made a moisture repelling hoodie, great for working out. The inner layer wicks away sweat from the body while the outer layer repels light rain. It just beads right off!

The cut is loose but not too baggy and the hoodie is very light. It only weighs 230 grams so it doesn’t feel restricting. The inner layer is brushed to help keep you warm on those cold mornings.

The downside is it will take a few washes to get the inside fleece to stop shedding. But if you don’t mind sacrificing a few cycles on the washing machine, this is a great workout hoodie. Available in two shades of gray.


The Gray Knight

The Official Knight Hoodie

The Official Knight Hoodie★ Level up your wardrobe!

★ Made with cotton

The puns could be endless for this is a cleverly made ‘official’ knight hoodie.

Complete with fitting hood and detachable helmet piece which allows you to bend it to suit you. It’s also made of cotton so more than a novelty item.

It’s perfect to woo your fair maiden. It could also possibly be the world’s easiest costume.

Make sure you check the size chart before purchasing. You can see it here.


Attention Sportsfans!

Nike AW77 Fleece Full-Zip Men's Hoodie

Nike Fleece Full Zip Men's Hoodie★ High zipper to keep cold out

★ Overstitched pockets

Whether it’s a game of street hoops, or throwing the football at the park, this fleece full zip hoodie will keep you warm enough to play your best.

The sleeves are sewn raglan style to allow for a fuller range of movement, so its less constricting than typical hoodies.

There is also an arm pocket for your phone or mp3 player, to keep you entertained to and from. Less expensive than you think when purchased from Amazon.com.


Athletic Fit

Grin&Bear Men's Long Sleeve Hoodie

Grin & Bear Gray Hoodie★ Great value

★ Fabric will stretch and breathe

Don’t like baggy hoodies? Then this athletic cut hoodie is for you.

It is a good cotton and polyester blend. While not the warmest hoodie we’ve seen, it is the only one you’re going to be able to show off your hard work in.

The fit is best described as athletic. Reviewers say it’s not too tight, and the material does stretch to conform to your arms and shoulders.

If you can rock it, then stop hiding under baggy hoodies! The ladies will thank you. Get yours here.


The Standard Gray Hoodie

Champion Eco Fleece Pullover Hoodie

Champion Eco Fleece Gray Hoodie★ Reasonable price

★ Made with soft recycled fibers

If you work on the tools it’s a comfortable solution to those cold days. It’s a little baggy so its not restrictive of your movement.

And the fact that it has a zip means you can layer it for extra warmth.

The 75/25 cotton/polyester blend gives the hoodie a soft feel, great for work or working out. We found it at a great price here.


Fashion Gray

Alternative Men's Zip Hoodie

Alternative Gray Mens Hoodie★ Lightweight

★ Trendy look

It’s a lightweight hoodie that’s enough to keep you warm without overheating you.

Because it’s lightweight, you can wear it indoors and even though a jacket over the top when you get cold.

The contrasting zip breaks up the jumper and the heathered color looks great.

An inexpensive way to add to your wardrobe. Available in gray and many other colors here.


Look Smart

Men's Ashwood Comfort Hoodie Jacket – by Merrell

★ Warm

★ Trendy look
If you’re looking for something warm that looks smart, then this is your hoodie.

The dark gray goes with almost any color, and the cut is quite neat. The buttons give you a smart jacket look.

It’s great for going out on the town during a cold winters night. Available in a variety of sizes here. Available here.


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